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written by Flubberix on May 05, 2005 15:42
An unusual high hazard-leveled creature has appeared in the VrilPlains level. It is called Almighty Saviour, it has a hazard level of 3,560,000 or something, and it has killed my avatar in an instant. I lost precious stuff, like a Vril enhancer, a Vril multiplier, a white bottle and so on ...

I suggest it's removal. It ruins the game.
written by Raptorjedi on May 05, 2005 16:09
Its not my level, so I can't do anything, but I think its a guard for another level. Lemme look into this, but if you are in the game I CAN get you your items back at least at the moment.

Okay, looking at this, and seeing the area he is in. A lowbie area (level 2) the NPC has been removed. I have no clue why it was there, but if you need anything replaced just ask me and I will return whatever you need. I know the Master Spirit who made the NPC and I'm going to have a talk with him whenever he shows up again.
written by Chad on May 05, 2005 23:44
I think someone just droped him in the wrong level.
written by Raptorjedi on May 05, 2005 23:51
No, he is fixed on a portal like a guard. Or was, I moved him elsewhere, where no one can get to.
written by Chad on May 05, 2005 23:58
Well, maybe they didn't want anyone in that map?

But if the level of a NPC is higher then the Maps, then it should warn you before droping. But thats just me...
written by Raptorjedi on May 06, 2005 00:02
Yeah, I can understand not wanting someone in that map, but the map it lead to wasn't even finished. In other words the NPC was there to keep people out until it was finished. Which isn't needed because you can lock both the portal AND the level from anyone but Master Spirits entering.
written by Flubberix on May 08, 2005 12:20
if you got my items,i thank you.However,I think they have been already removed from the map( the 6 hours have already passed).Anyway, thanks a lot. If you may come to main level, look for Resurector( that's me ).
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. /../Weird NPC Alert/ 1
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