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written by Peterpaul kl h on Aug 09, 2005 16:27
Oh the beauty of raytracing...

Good one Ponche.
written by Cryoburner on Jan 14, 2006 09:18
Continuing the process of bumping threads, I decided to upload this little modification of Ponche's raytracer demo that features near-realtime camera movement along a fixed path around some raytraced spheres. It's another one of those things that I made months ago, but never uploaded. : P

Its window is only 160x120 pixels, and has anti-aliasing is disabled, but that's necessary for it to run at a decent rate on a fast system. On my Athlon64 3500+, this runs fairly smoothly, but I expect the framerate to be choppy for most. Raytracers currently aren't intended to be used for games or anything realtime, but something similar could be used as a preview pane to setting up a camera for full-size renders.

cd/zips/Cryoburner/linort realtime (16 Kb)

While here, I retitled this thread, since it was 'lost' during that malfunction a couple months back. : D
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Jan 14, 2006 15:28
Cool, Cryo!
I get it rather smoothly running here.
Ahtlon XP 2800+.

Considering there seems to be reflections and a high number of light sources, it's a nice result!
written by Nebuloso on Jan 14, 2006 16:55
Add a framerate counter for fun, maybe?

I think it runs at about 12 FPS here on a 2.66 Intel Celeron, so that's not too shabby a rate. Try upping it to 320x240 and I'll check it out on my 3200+ at home.
"gheeh!" (c)h.azuma
written by Yayo on Jan 14, 2006 17:02
yay! very nice!
is it really rendered in realtime?

it work at around 3/3.5 frame per second here on my p4 1.5ghz


written by Explorer on Jan 14, 2006 17:42
I get a decent framerate, since I have the same processor (Athlon64 3500+) It looks really nice! You should add the ability to move the camera yourself!
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written by Nebuloso on Jan 15, 2006 00:16
Looks pretty smooth on my 3200+, yep.
hello! :) felysian
written by Hello! :) on Jan 15, 2006 00:28
Slightly choppy on my Athalon64 3000+... but decent framerate.
written by Micmacreturns on Jan 15, 2006 02:10
This Ray Tracer program is incredible!
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Jan 15, 2006 02:24
Hey, if someone made a way to ray trace with this program images made in DWG, DXF and Solid Edge format, I will love it, I am trying to draw in Solid Edge a Starship with a new technique, I draw a ship WITHOUT textures, I just draw each detail (including the screw holes) and I want to see a powerfull raytracer that can render him without crashing... (the solid edge studio is one of the most powerfull renderers that I have ever saw, but he simply crashes when I try to render the ship from near...)
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Jan 15, 2006 18:31
I have a new idea for the raytracer: It will use 3 times more time, but will render images much more beautifull, the idea is simple, raytrace each color (red, green and blue) separate, and even use the different refraction values for each color, and after this just "sum" the images, the result will be beutyfull, and images like the rendering of a diamond that you can see each face in a different colour will be possible
deep into the jungle
written by Ponche on Jan 16, 2006 09:19
Nice Cryo!


- First, the RayTracer at this moment can only render Spheres and Planes, a routine for rendering triangles would be just great, and needed for your purposes(at least). Then, the DWG,... format loader algortithm must be implemented, which is not easy.

- Second, if that powerfull raytracer you mention cannot render your spaceship, why do you think mine would be able??

- Third, i don't understand exactly why rendering the image component by component would result in something different. I don't see it, sorry. Just more computation time.
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unreal engine 3.0
written by Crembo on Jan 16, 2006 11:00
Here's a target to aspire to:


Keep it up!
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Jan 16, 2006 13:36
Mmh... I can't seem to get out bprims.txt from cd/zips/Ponche/lrt11 (14 Kb).
Both XP built-in unzipper, and EzArch claim that that single file is corrupted in the ZIP. Perhaps it's being ruined by the new way c-disk downloads files??

no, definitely it's in the file.
I tried downloading the "real" file name without passing from the cdisk script.
But does it only do that to me?

written by Peterpaul kl h on Jan 16, 2006 15:04
Hi Alex, i just downloaded the archive and extracted all files perfectly.
I rezipped the archive, so you could try this:
cd/zips/Peterpaul kl h/lrt11pp (14 Kb)
Now, lets compile this in linux.
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