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written by Shadowlord on May 26, 2003 17:26
What do your messaging apps look like? (AIM, ICQ, Trillian, MSN, etc)

Here's mine:
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written by Overtilt on May 27, 2003 11:53
If I wasn't at work, I'd show you mine. I've got Trillian pro with a nice, orange skin. Loving trillian.
written by Shadowclaw on May 27, 2003 16:00
Here you go:


That's CenterICQ in an rxvt window. It supports ICQ, MSN, Y!M, AIM, IRC, and Jabber, apparently.
written by Overtilt on May 29, 2003 22:56
Here's a pic of my Trillian with a fabulous compact skin... and it's ORANGE! Yayh!

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