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wah... waall-eee
written by Magnulus on Mar 02, 2006 11:04
Well, DUH! Of course the thrill isn't the same as if you did it yourself.

I thought about the Prince of Persia similarities as well, and I think that Free Running can be cool if it adds quite a few moves compared to PoP. In PoP, they're sufficient because you also have combat and puzzles and stuff, but in FR, I suppose you'd need some more things to do in the long run.

Also, I hardly think it'll only let you do exactly like they can in real life.
written by Cryoburner on Mar 08, 2006 16:29
Batman: Dead End first appears to be a relatively well-made unofficial Batman short, until you get about a third of the way into the 8 minute video. Then, things just get weird when some surprise visitors show up. : P

I've linked to the official site above, which has a couple resolutions available for viewing, although there's a copy on google video as well, if you prefer that for some reason. Looking at the video preview shots on Google video might ruin the plot twists though. : )
hello! :) felysian
written by Hello! :) on Mar 08, 2006 18:12
Heh, Batman: Dead End... I suppose we shouldn't expect Batman 2. (Shrunken for a maybe spoiler, but since batman is usally in fights...) I'm going by the fact that it ends before the final fight... so... I'm gonna assume batman got slaughtered in the process. I call it "offscreen violence". : P
wah... waall-eee
written by Magnulus on Mar 08, 2006 18:17
Official site's video links didn't work, so I saw it in Google. Nicely done! Very nicely done.
written by Buuks on Mar 13, 2006 22:16
GTA San Andreas still got nice little coincidences that will happen not very often, like this one:
doing pushups
written by Megagun on Mar 16, 2006 17:40

And although this isn't Google video:

hidden agenda
written by Trad.a on Mar 17, 2006 03:42

Yup, it's the same game we've played right here at ABB.. mafia.

There's three players left.. two are townies and one is mafia... but who?
written by Buuks on Mar 17, 2006 10:18
What a bunch of girly nerds....
never here
written by Ozoch on Mar 17, 2006 11:41
And I thought I was bored.
written by Buuks on Mar 29, 2006 12:30
Not from Google.
The cruelty of nature
who needs titles?
written by Pomelos on Mar 29, 2006 22:29
Buuks said:
The cruelty of nature
That one really freaked me out.
written by Raptorjedi on Mar 29, 2006 22:42
I want one.
written by Buuks on Mar 29, 2006 22:49
The Cruelty of nature: The Sequel

Now our little white hero has a slightly bigger part.
written by Raptorjedi on Mar 29, 2006 23:01
I watched that after, and I want one of those too.

those are two different species of giant centipede if you couldn't tell
wah... waall-eee
written by Magnulus on Mar 31, 2006 06:59
Cruelty of nature? I fail to see what's so natural about sticking a mouse in a confined space right in front of a giant centipede that eats mice. That first one was lucky. The second one was probably beside itself with pure terror, and then had some big ol' bastard poke it with a feather repeatedly. I'm surprised it didn't just have a stroke or something.
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