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written by Flubberix on Jan 03, 2006 17:03
I used to had 3 PID's associated to my IP. Does the recent change in the postline affected somehow the recordings regarding the PID's, because my IP hasn't changed, of that I'm sure...
written by Raptorjedi on Jan 03, 2006 22:05
Postline and Avatar aren't combined anymore, contact Alex to see if you can get your PIDs
written by Cryoburner on Jan 04, 2006 14:12
You know, Alex could probably add a simple script to let you save your pid codes in a cookie on your computer. It wouldn't need to be integrated with your Postline account.
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Jan 04, 2006 16:38
That's an idea...
written by Flubberix on Jan 04, 2006 19:12
Yes. And another fact is that I cannot create any other creature, as if I had already 3 PID's though it doesn't show me any of them....
written by Raptorjedi on Jan 04, 2006 21:06
The PIDs and the three old creatures are all still there, but since postline no longer saves the pids, you can't get them. Here is a question, did you play before this happened? And did you clear your history since then? Because your PID for whatever creature you last played as should still be in your history.
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Jan 05, 2006 19:53
Anyway, I should fix that soon, by re-connecting Avatar to Postline.
written by Flubberix on Jan 06, 2006 10:54
The answer to the question: the last time I've played was like two months ago, and my Firefox history keeps records for a week only, so I can't find any of the PID's.
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Jan 06, 2006 16:10
Nevermind, I'm gonna rewrite the plclient script, which allowed connection to Postline accounts. It's just a matter of... now. I'll go write that now. One moment like another...
written by Flubberix on Jan 10, 2006 19:48
It's said that Postline had been reconnected to Avatar. Strange... look what message I receive when I click any of the gate links:
Hey wait!
You are not logged in throught this site's community. You can play anyway, but if you register or login as a player WHILE you are logged in ALSO as a member of the community, this game will remember your PID codes for you, and show them whenever you open a gate like this, in the future. It's not that I'm trying to convince you to register as a community member, I couldn't be less interested in that... it's just that this recent commodity of the Avatar gating script has only this way to work safely.

Huh? And still, I can't create any new critter...
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Jan 10, 2006 19:52
hrm... let me check, maybe the most recent er... revolutions and scramblings I made to the site could have damaged something there.

Eh... this place isn't the same anymore since I'm back. If at least it could be the same for ONE day...

fixed. problem in a regular expression.
works now.
└> last changed by Alex on January 10, 2006 at 20:23
written by Flubberix on Jan 11, 2006 08:49
Gee, thanks a lot for that Alex! Now I have my codes back and I can play'em. Nice job!
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Jan 11, 2006 10:45
You're welcome... it's what I'm supposed to do to keep the site healty, after all.
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