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written by Ryanpc on Jan 13, 2006 01:29

Some pictures of the far off planet. Must be orbiting faster than others, or there's a glitch in the system in this old ship, impossible for a planet to orbit a star 0.08 ly away in 3.2 epocs. Then again, the nav console says only 12 planets, yet it managed to locate this world.

Sending information to Stardrifter Archives...
Co-ordinates as of Epoc 6011 695.163.200
Z:139088993 [+2]
Co-ordinates as of Epoc 6011 695.235.50 (give or take a microdyam)
Insteresting? I'll be looking out for oddities (or maybe glitches in the algorithim). Though why is it oval? It's round when it runs in my computer.
written by Flubberix on Jan 13, 2006 08:38
Are you sure it's a planet? Maybe it's a space station that camouflaged itself in order to not look suspicious.....Anyway, that's a verrry nice find you have there.
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written by Megagun on Jan 13, 2006 14:22
Ryanpc said:
Though why is it oval? It's round when it runs in my computer.
Noctis runs in fullscreen, in 320x200 resolution (NOT 320x240!)...
When you take a screenshot, it's 320x200, too.. However, you're probably running Windows or whatever in 1024x768... Scaling that down to 320x*** gives 320x240. 768/(1024/320)=240, afterall..

So, yeah, the image looks flatted down to you... In fact, all noctis images do when displayed on a 320x240-like display..
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written by Yayo on Jan 13, 2006 19:58
hmm.. interesting object.
what version of NoctisIV are you using?


oh.. another thing: welcome here Ryanpc!
written by Ryanpc on Jan 14, 2006 00:38
newest version, though I have a older computer with a three year old version, it takes more than 10 minutes for the inbox to load and I don't have the patience.
written by Gamefreak on Sep 18, 2006 19:31
0.08 ly away is nothing to what ive found. I found a planet that is 3.97 ly away from its sun!

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written by Speeder on Sep 18, 2006 19:49
This is not a real planet, it is a comet that has been captured and lost all his ice..
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