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written by Acefir on Aug 18, 2006 20:15

So I was cruising the unknown galaxy a bit, when I stumbled upon a fairly interesting life-sustaining felysian planet.

I dropped down and started exploring the many swirly oceans the place had to offer, but failed to find anything other than a tree or two.

When I returned to my spaceship I found it without any fuel, so apparently I must have stayed out for too long.

Undaunted by the headache-inducing screen-flickering I pressed the help request button and waited...

After not too long a fellow stardrifter appeared in my front viewscreen. He was quite silent for someone who has probably seen the first intelligent life-form in a while, so instead of catching up, I took a few nice pics of his ship.

cd/jpgs/Acefir/drifter0 (9 Kb)
This is one of the ship with the sun on the background.

cd/jpgs/Acefir/drifter1 (8 Kb)
In the background you can see the planet I was exploring. Note the nice swirly oceans.

cd/jpgs/Acefir/drifter2 (9 Kb)
Wow, check the flares on that! His onboard internal light just shone in my face when I took the picture.

After he silently disappeared again, I took off for for the nearest S06 star, unable to thank my saviour. Yet, he remains in my heart forever.
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written by Ponche on Aug 18, 2006 22:05
Acefir said:
Yet, he remains in my heart forever.
And didn't he give you his phone number? Oh, this damn unhearted felysians...
written by Micmacreturns on Aug 19, 2006 00:27
Welcome to the forums Acefir! Encountering your first star drifter is always memorable. I remember literally taking four hundred pictures, and one of my first posts was about that encounter. Enjoy your stay at the forums, and have as much fun as you can!
"gheeh!" (c)h.azuma
written by Yayo on Aug 19, 2006 13:19
yep! welcome here! and have fun! : )

written by Acefir on Aug 19, 2006 16:26
Thanks for the friendly welcome.

So anyway, I was cruising a bit among the known stars in what I like to call the centreworlds, when it struck me. What about the stars and worlds on the borders of space? What mysteries await us in a place where truly nobody has gone before?

So I punched the co÷rdinates 9999999, 9999999, 9999999 into the parsis screen, ignored the brief moment of common sense that I shouldn't stray too far from home, and blasted off into the true outer regions of space.
cd/jpgs/Acefir/farawayparsis (12 Kb)

After a long but unincidental flight, I arrived at a region with exactly zero explored stars. Eager to find some life around these parts I started scouting out the S00 systems around here.
cd/jpgs/Acefir/sun (10 Kb)
cd/jpgs/Acefir/planetnsun (9 Kb)

The third S00 star was a hit. Not only did it contain a planet with life, it was also a Felysian planet! Apparently the Felysians had quite a large territory in their heydays. Upon exploring the planet I found it was teeming with life, but I didn't find any unusual structures on the surface.
cd/jpgs/Acefir/outworldswirleyplanet (10 Kb)
cd/jpgs/Acefir/lushvegetation (23 Kb)

Closer inspection on one of the island groups however revealed that the islands were artificial, so with renewed hope I started exploring the dark side of the planet.
cd/jpgs/Acefir/unnaturalisland (16 Kb)
cd/jpgs/Acefir/coast (18 Kb)

After several hours of fruitless exploration, I finally found a structure of majestic proportions. The landscape was cleaved by huge wall, stretching out far into the ocean.
cd/jpgs/Acefir/wall (17 Kb)

And the wall was not a redundant artifact either, because further exploration of the area revealed nothing other than a huge citadel.
cd/jpgs/Acefir/citadel2 (14 Kb)
cd/jpgs/Acefir/citadel0 (15 Kb)
cd/jpgs/Acefir/citadel1 (13 Kb)
cd/jpgs/Acefir/citadel3 (16 Kb)
cd/jpgs/Acefir/citadel4 (18 Kb)

Now what would a highly advanced civilization like the Felysians would need a walled citadel for? Walls can't stop battleships and the like, so this particular construction could possibly be from some Felysian medieval/feudal period. The historical importance of this could be huge, because it would mean that the Felysians developed on this planet in a pre-spaceflight era. Can it be that here, on the border of space, lies the true Felysian homeworld?

This warrants further exploration when dawn breaks.
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written by Bensel on Aug 19, 2006 17:18
Acefir said:
Now what would a highly advanced civilization like the Felysians would need a walled citadel for? Walls can't stop battleships and the like, so this particular construction must be from some Felysian medieval/feudal period.
Or the walls could have been to keep unwanted critters out, or merely some obscure Felysian tradition, since they appear in other places. Or perhaps it wasn't a Felysian city at all, but rather some settlement of something else, or even just a settlement of Felysians whose space-exploring equipment was eventually disused and forgotten, or destroyed and the Felysians themselves were forgotten, or they were some obscure religious group that rejected space travel and settled on the planet.

The possibilities are endless, and now you've gone and made me want to play Noctis again ^_^
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written by Speeder on Aug 20, 2006 03:57
In fact, citadels CAN stop spaceships, you just need to stick some cannons in the towers...
written by Azuraun2 on Aug 20, 2006 18:49
WOAH, I don't have much to say but this is amazing. How did you get that far, it must've taken a long time and stopping to refuel must've been a huge pain. I wanna see that planet when Ire-download NICE...
written by Tacogeddon on Aug 21, 2006 21:11
Acefir said:
Thanks for the friendly welcome.

So I punched the co÷rdinates 9999999, 9999999, 9999999 into the parsis screen,
Ah, the "Type in some random coordinates" method. Parsis is confusing sometimes because 0,0,0 is Felysia...not galactic center.

Now I want to try all sorts a random coordinates, good thing I have a full lithium tank. First stop: 1111111, 1111111, 1111111
written by Deanfrz on Aug 21, 2006 22:06
actually, 0,0,0 is the galactic center. and the dominate species in the felysian galaxy(ie, the felysians) just happened to come from a planet in the exact center of the galaxy. I imagine Galileo would have had an even tougher time had he been born on felysia.
written by Tacogeddon on Aug 22, 2006 08:11
Hmm...I didn't think it was galactic center. I just thought that Felysia was 0,0,0 because it was the Felisian home planet. Not only is Balastrackonastreya the Felisian sun...it's the center of the galaxy...so in theory, everything in the Felisian galaxy circles around Balastrackonastreya.
written by Bgreman on Aug 22, 2006 08:43
From what I remember, the galactic center is slightly offset from balastrackonastreya, by about 10 parsis or so.
written by Tacogeddon on Aug 22, 2006 09:34
Bgreman said:
From what I remember, the galactic center is slightly offset from balastrackonastreya, by about 10 parsis or so.
Upon inspection, there is a place in the galaxy where parsis doesn't seem to apply. That place is Planaris Alpha and the space surrounding it. First read the guide entry on it...it is said that if you set your remote target in the opposite direction you will target a star of the same name, but over 43 lightyears away! I have tested this and you can travel to the star...both places have the same parsis...how can that be possible?

The sourrounding space is very strange...most of of the stars have no planets. The S08 stars have no companions.

NOTE: the "Double Star" trick I mentioned may or may not be repeatable
written by Pyo on Aug 22, 2006 13:11
Thats weird, i'll have to check that out. But as long as you dont find an S12 star, we should be fine...
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written by Shadowlord on Aug 22, 2006 14:28
I can explain that: It is possible for two systems to have the same seed. When this happens you end up with two (or more) identical systems in different places. Planaris Alpha is one of them.

There are even some systems which have more than one clone. Basill, for example, exists in 8 different locations!

In NICE R9 and newer, theoretically, duplicate systems should not all have the same name anymore. They will still appear identical, but can each have different names, since system entries in NICE R9 and newer (in starmap3) are stored by sector coordinates rather than system seed. I haven't actually visited any duplicate systems to see whether (and how much) they confuse Noctis IV or NICE, however.

I have a list of all the mapped systems (from a year or two ago) with duplicates, and their system seeds, sector coordinates, and actual coordinates. I generated that list while upgrading the old NIV starmap to the starmap3 format (Since the converter was examining every system in the entire galaxy already anyways).
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