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written by Tacogeddon on Aug 22, 2006 19:08
I have seen other clones...but I had to mention Planaris Alpha because the space around it is so weird. One of the strange oddities that surround Planaris Alpha is the vertical plane of emptiness that runs through space:
written by Acefir on Aug 24, 2006 19:59
It must be some kind of gravitational phenomenon where space folds around itself or something. If you fly straight on ahead end up in the same place after a while, space in that part must be circular in stead of linear.

I remember reading an article about that once. It is speculated that if you put a ball in a rocket and let the rocket fly in a straight line very fast, the ball would hit one of the sides eventually, due to the natural curvature of space.

Space - not () but \ /....
written by Tacogeddon on Aug 24, 2006 20:11
Have you tried Noctis Mapper Acefir?

It can show you where the named stars are. It also shows you where you currently sit in the galaxy...but only so far. I decided to go to parsis: 1111111, -1111111, 1111111-Noctis Mapper couldn't show me my location
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. /../Acefir forgetting basic space.../ 12
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