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written by Raptorjedi on Sep 06, 2003 04:07
Here is a list of questions that I have been asked about avatar many times, or are just questions that could be asked, most awnsers to questions you have can be awnsered on the main avatar page.
If you have any you think should be added please tell me
1.What is Avatar?

A: Its an MMORPG Alex made, to play it click the Avatar button right next to community.
2. I cant see the fonts, I just see different colored letters and numbers, whats wrong?

A: I get asked this a lot, either you didnt download the fonts, or, for some reason when you zip the fonts directly into the fonts folder, Avatar doesnt read them if do you that. So unzip it normally and then cut and paste them there manually.
3. It says I am hungry and I need to eat something immediately, what do I do?

A: Okay, push the Search and eat anything available in this place button, to either search for food, or eat a corpse. Remember if you are a vegatarian or not, if you are, then just eat grass...
4.What does it mean when an NPC has a name that is Green/Red/Black?

A: Green means he is the same strength as you, Red means he is weaker than you, and black means he is stronger than you. All this is mentioned on the main Avatar page, I suggest you read it.
5.There is a teal fairy thing near me called a master spirit, what is it?

A: A master spirit is like a game master, they make items, and levels in the game, and some other powers.
6.What does <insert item name here> do?

A: Get a probe and probe yourself to see, or ask someone else to probe you, also check the item list page, it says what some things do... though with the restarting of the game, it will have to be re-written.
7. Do these so called MS's grant gifts or other special prizes?

A: Only during missions or, but some are known to give out things just for fun.
8. Will these MS's do things for me just because I say so?

A: Not always, and asking alot from them won't make them do it, respect them and dont ask to much, you might regret it.
9. I want more levels/items. Why arent there more? When will they get here? When when when!?

A: MS's have lives too, and it will take some time for us to do them. Some of us are juggling being in a relationship, having a job, having the need to sleep and eat, and many other things. While all these dont apply to all MS's, you should think they do and wait paitently.
10. Why is it I can see info about myself but not the actual level.

A. You may have mozilla and its set to mode IE, type mode m to fix it. Or you are using AOL to use it, which Avatar isnt compatable with I guess, try using IE (comes with your computer if you didn't know for some reason), or getting Mozilla.
11. I know that a level exists, how come I can't teleport into it?

A. The level may be restricted to certain classes, or it may be under construction, in the latter case, only MS's can access it.
12. How do I move around? I can't figure it out.

A. Use the arrow buttons, if it says you can't moved, you may have reached the edge of the level, or you are trapped by a net or other trapping object.
13. How do I pick up items?

A. Be on the same space as the item, and then click on it to pick it up.
14. I'm talking to someone, and they are saying random things, or attacking me and they won't stop!

A. Its an NPC, some of them attack on sight, to make them stop you will have to kill them or run away.
15. How do I make my own items/levels.

A. You can't, unless your species has the option to craft some items, like a draconic mace, then you will need the required things to make it. Other than that, levels and items can only be made by Master Spirits.
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written by Alex on Oct 14, 2003 00:46
Here's a few tips about installing the fonts, coming straight from "Font Creator Program", what the program suggests doing in case of problems...

If you are trying to install a font that is already being 
used by another process or you encounter other 
problems related to installing a font, try one of these 
-> Remove the previous version through Windows 
    Fonts folder.
-> Close all applications that use the specific font file.
-> Restart Windows.
-> Change the font naming via FCP (see the help file).
-> Restart the computer in MS-DOS mode and 
    manually delete the font file.
By the way, the Font Creator Program sometimes resulted to be the only thing capable of installing those fonts correctly on XP, via its "Fonts Installation Wizard" accessed throught the icon with a "key" at the end of its tools bar.

So, well, since it's on a 30-day free trial, you may download it as a last chance, from www.high-logic.com

Trust me, it's a very well done program...
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