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written by Intergalacticexplore on Sep 13, 2006 07:34
I am new to anywherebb but I have been to some spectacular places.

I recommend going to Fenia or Yayoi as star systems. The planets are very pretty.
written by Buuks on Sep 13, 2006 08:16
Fenia is the best place to start as an explorer.
But I never been to Yayoi, althought that name seems very familiair to me
written by Intergalacticexplore on Sep 13, 2006 09:59
Yayoi's coordinates are as followed:


Very good system to look at.
I recommend it to all Felysians.

I will post some pics of Yayoi as soon as I work out how to put them on!!!
"gheeh!" (c)h.azuma
written by Yayo on Sep 13, 2006 15:23
ops! someone finally discovered my home.. : P
I knew I cannot hide it forever.
ok. I confess.. I'm not a felisian, but a yayoisian.. =|

welcome to yayoi... erm.. welcome to this community Intergalacticexplorer! ; )

written by Tacogeddon on Sep 13, 2006 20:14
Yayo said:
but a yayoisian.. =|
We need a "Anatomy of Yayoisian" page now I picture them as being a large mollusk-like creature that lives in boiling quartz liquid found on planets close to the sun. The cities are built out of molten glass....what did you think those big transparent hills were on some planets? O_o
written by Intergalacticexplore on Sep 14, 2006 08:25
Wow!! I've never seen a Yayoisian before. It is a pleasure to meet you. Tell me more about your home planet.
written by Intergalacticexplore on Sep 14, 2006 08:58
Here is one photo of a Yayoian planet.


Here is a very interesting picture:\

"gheeh!" (c)h.azuma
written by Yayo on Sep 15, 2006 16:45
erm.. I don't feel so.. mollusk-like! : ?

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