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written by Gamefreak on Sep 21, 2006 18:12
I found a really cool planet with lots of ruins on it. From space it looks like it just has some craters on it but they're really huge cities! Heres the planet from space.
and here's one of the cities seen with infrared vision.(the planet is black on the surface)
written by Stellanaut on Sep 21, 2006 22:13
That's actually a planet of quartz with a pure oxygen atmosphere. It doesn't support carbon based life.

All quartz planets have those features... although... it makes you wonder if those areas are sometimes quarries.
written by Phreakcustom on Sep 22, 2006 17:44
nice pic, but they look more like mountains than cities
written by Gamefreak on Sep 23, 2006 07:25
Yeah i know it was one of the bad pics.
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