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written by Xenomorph on Oct 05, 2006 00:45
Actually, on second thoughts let's just split this off.

written by Tacogeddon on Oct 05, 2006 05:09
Uh-oh....this thread as exceeded the anger limit. To remedy this issue, I have gone to Google images to find something that will bring balance to the thread.


^There we go ....all better


But seriously........I have nothing serious to add to this arguement.

Good day.


sorry....couldn't resist throwing my silly bit in.
written by Bgreman on Oct 05, 2006 06:56
That's not happycat.

THIS is happycat.
written by Cryoburner on Oct 05, 2006 09:44
That second cat looks as though he's stuffed.

Edit: This page is too awesome.
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. /../Split of: Family Album.../ 12
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