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written by Z3r0747 on Oct 15, 2006 23:00
I just joined this forum, but I've had Noctis for awhile. Anyway, here's some random pics of Noctis!

Some devoid planet.
Upclose to a Blue Giant.

That's not all, I'll get more soon.
written by Terev on Oct 16, 2006 00:29
good job, and welcome to the forums!
written by Phreakcustom on Oct 16, 2006 01:09
Nice pics, i remember my first pictures of stars up close
well have fun and post more
written by Z3r0747 on Oct 16, 2006 02:03
I tried to get a pic of a hopping animal thing, but it ran to fast.


EDIT: Fixed links, they should show up now.
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written by Phreakcustom on Oct 16, 2006 17:37
I couldnt get either of those pictures to show up, you think you can show them in a different format?
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. /../My Random Pics./ 1
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