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written by Robo on Nov 20, 2006 12:33
STAR LOCATION: -43216, +5419285, +414514

I was going around a bunch of S00 stars before I was headed for bed, and none of them had life. So I punched in some random coordinates and went to the next closest star and found (finally!) a hospitable planet. Here's what I've found just by visiting 3 sectors:


Okay, so maybe it's not heavenly, but it's still pretty nice looking.

And a huge tree I found.


So is this a hopper? I dunno, but it was hopping, so I guess it is.


This one was a real pain to get a snapshot of because of how fast it went. D:
written by Zixinus on Nov 20, 2006 18:51
It looks rather impressive, yes.

Though I was on a few before.
written by Terev on Nov 20, 2006 22:19
i have a pic of the fast animal, but i don't know what it is... check the ??? topic to see my pic, if you want...
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. /../Just a little planet I found.../ 1
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