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written by Jaxe'd on Nov 25, 2006 06:50
Hey, has anyone taken interest in making flash movies? About a month ago, I became interested in learning how to make them and ended up making an entire site in Flash within that month.

I downloaded Flash 8 Pro for a 30-day trial and I immediately began searching for tutorials to aid me in my learning process. After my 30 days were up (a few days ago), I decided that I could just switch computers and continue for 30 more days, but I may decide to do that some other time.
    Here are some examples of what I was able to do in that month:
  • Samantha Falk Official Website - This is a girl that I met and became really good friends with. She's in the music business and is trying to get famous. She's going to be appearing in an episode of MTV's My Super Sweet 16 as soon as a new season starts.
  • My main site, featuring links to several of my flash movies.
Let me know if anyone else has done some work in any version of Flash and/or what you think of the work I was able to do in a month.

Edit: Thanks, Barebones for pointing out the broken link. The only real difference in the link was "index.htm" instead of "index.html"...lol
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written by Barebones on Nov 25, 2006 08:02
I gave a look at Samantha's site, but I couldn't find yours, the link seems to be broken.

Have you tried to make games in Flash?
written by Jaxe'd on Nov 25, 2006 08:34
The link is now fixed... I was posting it by memory. Shows you how good my memory is... lol

No, I haven't tried making games in Flash, but I'm pretty sure that it would be easy to do. Maybe if I activate my free trial of Flash 8 Pro on this computer, I will attempt to make some games in it or something.
written by Barebones on Nov 25, 2006 18:46
The "atom" demo looks cool... Did you actually calculated those seemingly 3-D trayectories, or is there something in the Flash language to do that?
written by Jaxe'd on Nov 25, 2006 19:07
You mean the way the electrons are animated? That's actually an animated object.

It's done by first creating the electron object, then making an elliptical path for it to follow. At the point where it moves "behind" the neutrons, just make it smaller so that it appears to be going behind it.

The majority of the tutorials I followed were from WebWasp.co.uk and LearnFlash.com.

Both were very helpful in helping me get what I needed.
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