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written by Peterpaul kl h on Dec 06, 2006 13:05
I'd like to try out Hactar on my laptop, but this laptop lacks a floppy disk drive. And this is needed to create the images for Hactar. My question is: Can someone create a hactar installation floppy and create an image from that, so that i can try hactar from qemu or any other emulator? Please?

And yeah, the reason is because Ponche announced he is writing an linoleum RTM for Hactar.
written by Zixinus on Dec 06, 2006 19:44
written by Buuks on Dec 06, 2006 21:01
Now that is a very constructive post.

Sorry, I can't help you Peterpaul.
written by Bensel on Dec 07, 2006 02:15
You mean you just need the Hactar image, or? If that's the case, there's instructions on how to get the image from the floppy writer executable on the hactar page:
Alex said:
If you need to use RAWRITE or something similar, truncate the beginning of the file "kernel/hactar.exe" until byte 4D2h, that is, remove 1234 bytes from the beginning of the file: what remains is the boot disk's RAW image, of exactly 1.44 Mb.
(I'm probably misunderstanding you, though...)
hello! :) felysian
written by Hello! :) on Dec 07, 2006 03:05
Gah! I probably lost it, but I had an image for use in Bochs.
*goes to look and/or remake*
hello! :) felysian
written by Hello! :) on Dec 07, 2006 05:48
Ok, I remade my installation.
(P.S. If you use the DRIVER/GraphicsConsole, you'll need a fast computer. Unless you like waiting ~1sec for the interlacing to complete.)
cd/7zs/Hello! /hactar (182 Kb)
written by Cryoburner on Dec 07, 2006 07:36
Oh, I already posted a link to a Hactar image within the Hactar Lives thread in the Lino section. I didn't check the Whatever forum until just now. You should have requested it there. : P

Cryoburner said:
Also, here's a disk image of Hactar that LK posted a while back...
cd/zips/Lkraider/hactar img (211 Kb)
It was originally posted in this thread which discusses running Hactar under Dosbox and Bochs.

As a side note, there's another tread in this section with the exact same title as this one. : P
written by Peterpaul kl h on Dec 07, 2006 13:01
Thanks guys. LKraiders image works perfectly in qemu! Now lets wait for Ponche to finish the rtm...

tap, tap, tap..
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