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written by Mikko on Jan 16, 2007 12:37
When I landed on this place, (Peach, third planet of Fenia)I was like "Omg, shouldn't this place be grassy?". Yes, it was. But I were landed this: http://img134.imageshack.us/img134/5851/00000103es0.png








Cordinates: 270.46:62.25
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written by Tacogeddon on Jan 16, 2007 16:46
It could be a ruin seeing as it differs so much from the landscape around it...especially in the last picture. A nice aerial photo would show us which shape it is (if you are using NICE for the jetpack) to me it looks rather square. I don't remember planet Peach that well though...it is in one of the "home" systems...was it also a ruin world like Suricrasia or Felysia?

EDIT: Upon some further investigation including reading the GOES notes and landing myself, I found that Peach is a ruin world but ruins are fairly sparse compared to other "Home" worlds. I think what you landed on looks like the base of a Stardrifter monument that by some way or other had the dome torn or blown off, hence the jagged bits jutting from the fairly square base...I suppose plant life grew over time after the dome came off because most complete Drifter monuments I have encountered don't have plants on them.While I would say it was a hill, hills are the same ground texture as the surrounding land, and what you have isn't. On a interesting note, Peach has many of the headstone like ruins in the water... burial at sea O.o
written by Mikko on Jan 16, 2007 18:24
It is a ruin. It were covered to a hill, and it had many ruins around it. Sadly I lost the cordinates of the ruin, so I really can't take any better pictures. Forgive me.




No serious, I found the place again (Super lucky!), and now I got new pictures. Check them at the first post!
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written by Cryoburner on Jan 17, 2007 10:57
Nice pictures! From the look of it, I'd say it was either the collapsed foundation of some ancient structure, or more likely an open mine, since it's carved into the hillside. It may have been used for gathering materials to build those other structures you saw nearby.
written by Mikko on Jan 17, 2007 11:27
Exatly! I like your idea and I think you may be right.
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