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written by Barebones on Feb 13, 2007 15:40
Nah, it's just useful to make mistakes faster.

As for success, it's very easy: just stay in the same place doing the same thing for long enough. (So boring...)
written by Stellanaut on Feb 13, 2007 23:30
Barebones said:
Nah, it's just useful to make mistakes faster.
And much less repitition of mistakes, making for a much much larger variety of mistakes to make.
hello! :) felysian
written by Hello! :) on Feb 14, 2007 06:04
Installed. Meh.
written by Cryoburner on Feb 15, 2007 04:59
Which version did you end up installing? Have you tried running some Lino programs to check for compatibility? While I imagine they should run, I'm curious whether some features like the transparency effect seen in the HSP Clock work as expected with Aero. I'm not sure whether Alex has tested the next Lino release with Vista yet, but it would be convenient for us to know if something isn't fully compatible with the current version.
hello! :) felysian
written by Hello! :) on Feb 15, 2007 06:21
Apparently the 32-bit version, I never did get an option for installing the 64-bit version, even though it was supposedly the full DVD.

Ok. I'll test the samples.
hello! :) felysian
written by Hello! :) on Feb 15, 2007 06:56
The results:

Didn't test:
Example 18 (Printer example, I didn't want to waste paper Plus I haven't set the printers up yet.)

What worked:
compiler/visual compiler
Examples 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20
simple phone book
playwave test
linolife - 3152 generations in 50.1 sec

Didn't work properly/Has issues:
Example 17 (Exclusive mode) - Didn't go full screen
home sweet clock - Forced Vista to stop using Aeroglass.
Trial Network Node: Server worked, client worked. Server couldn't send data to client. Client sent data to server.

Wouldn't compile:
Examples 10, 11 (Audio examples, audio was covered by playwave test)
written by Cryoburner on Feb 16, 2007 05:18
Thanks for testing those Lino apps under Vista. It's nice to see that most of them work as expected.

I figured that the transparency effect might have some issues with Aero Glass. Dropping out of Glass into regular Aero would probably be a reason not to use transparency in programs, unless a fix is implemented. A similar problem afflicted Java as well, where practically all Java applications and applets would force Vista out of Aero Glass mode, though I believe that was fixed during Vista's beta. Transparency isn't a vital feature anyway, and it's good that other Lino apps don't encounter that problem.

For the exclusive mode test, have you tried changing it to run at another resolution? It's initially set for 320x240 mode, which Vista's drivers or your display hardware might not like. Alex really should update that example to default to 640x480 mode, as an increasing number of systems no longer properly support 320x240. Have you tried any other programs in fullscreen, such as iGUI apps?

Regarding Netnode, I'm not entirely sure the server is set up to send data to the client via the 'Send' dialog. The method described at the end of notes.txt has the client send a message to the server, but not the other way around. It doesn't seem to work that way for me in XP, either. How about testing with another basic net app, Ponche's Lino Tic Tac Toe. Start a server at and then join in with another client to see if you can play against yourself.

And did example 11 not compile, or just 10? 11 is the pointer example, so it should. : ) 10 shouldn't compile for anyone, since it needs to be updated. You also left 16 out of the list of examples that worked, though I imagine it would.
hello! :) felysian
written by Hello! :) on Feb 16, 2007 05:48
Yeah, my assumption is that the printing will work, and I'll play around with them more. Oh, example 11 wasn't an audio example. Anyway the cursor does work (and so does the example), it worked in all the gui clients. I also think that network works properly. But I'll play around more with the different video modes.

Update: Ponche's Lino Tic Tac Toe works. Your fractree3d demo successfully goes fullscreen.
faces or a vase?
written by Tom on May 07, 2007 02:27
I hate to gravedig, but this was still on the first page, so I guess it's justified.

I found this today. A very interesting look at the content "protection" in Vista...

written by Cryoburner on May 07, 2007 19:26
Heh, that page has a link to this amusing translation from a statement by Macrovision. : )
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