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wah... waall-eee
written by Magnulus on Jan 25, 2007 09:50
I love the sound, but I hated it when I was trying to sneak onto the web without my parents noticing. It's KIND OF a dead giveaway.

"Are you going online down there?!"
"Uh, No! I'm- er... just pining! That's right!"

Ah, the grand old days of anti-Barney cults and searching Altavista for Gamez. Back in a time when the 25 meg demo of the Loderunner remake took almost a full day to download. (My parents weren't very happy about that.)
krush kill 'n destroy
written by Geekofdeath on Jan 25, 2007 21:36
I remember.... we used to have a dial-up that took up the telephone (and I'm only 14 too), listening to what my dad called "The computers are talking to each other", and then getting on.

It was sort of just a play-thing that I didn't really get until we got DSL.

When we got DSL, we no longer had to worry about connecting.... it was always connected, and then we had a network for all the computers in the house.... but the damn thing kept crashing every 5 minutes so it was nearly useless for games.

Only recently.... in fact a fortnight ago that we got cable for both the TV (bleh) and the Internet (WOOT).

Good times.... good times.... well actually bad times compared to today but nonetheless....
faces or a vase?
written by Tom on Feb 01, 2007 04:59
I was one of the influx of AOL users that ruined the internet back in 1995...we got a free trial on a floppy disk (this was before they gave out all those free CDs) and we were hooked. 14.4 kbps...I remember when we upgraded to 28.8k, nd I thought that was the greatest, but back then AOL charged per hour and so I was never allowed to dowload anything big...
And I'm only 17.
there's science to be done!
written by Yash on Feb 01, 2007 17:09
Oh shit! The internet is ruined! Curse you evil 1995 users!
wah... waall-eee
written by Magnulus on Feb 02, 2007 08:01
Wait, you were five when you ruined the internet? Wow.
faces or a vase?
written by Tom on Feb 02, 2007 20:59
I was six, actually. I didn't mean to suggest that it was me, personally, that ruined the Internet, though. I intended it as "I was one of the AOL users, of whom some others are considered to have ruined the Internet."

wah... waall-eee
written by Magnulus on Feb 02, 2007 22:09
When I was six, I could hardly even write.
written by Bellum on Feb 03, 2007 01:47
I remember something like that, Tom. My dad got AOL and I would get on it when I went to his house.

I only really got on it for any length of time a couple times, though, I believe. It was a bit later, though. Maybe '97?
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