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written by Bellum on Jan 28, 2007 22:38
Those chatbots, while interesting in the study of AI, will never become truly sentient (or sapient for that matter). The hardware it runs on isn't made for it, and as for the software...Well, I don't think any language we have today will quite cut it.

I find it interesting, though, that it is possible to wire ones brain directly to a computer. It's been done before. I think that might be an important area to study further.
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written by Trad.a on Jan 29, 2007 09:31
Magnulus said:
anyway, in lieu of an actual working proper AI, those folks at www.a-i.com are doing some cool things. The Alan chat bot is pretty darn good.
Darn, you bet me to it. Alan is superb. And there are a number of other fun chatterbots out there on the net. www.dantebot.com is the latest incarnation of a series of chatterbots my mate Alan has programmed in VB. Don't bother with the chat-to-dante-via-the-web though. Because this bot learns from what you say and spits sentences back using the rules Alan put in place in the code. It works pretty well, and is fun to have a chat now and again.

Jabberwacky is probably one of the best web-based AIs you can talk to right now (up there with ALICE). Plus he really is the most fun. He learns from everything anybody says to him so expect insanity.

I've been monitoring the http://www.chatterboxchallenge.com/ over the years. It's a comp for botmasters who think they're chatterbot is pretty darn hot - most aren't. And the judges ask the bots a series of questions and attempt to engage in conversation. It's interesting and a great view of the chatterbot scene but that's about it. But the http://www.chatterboxchallenge.com/contest_quotes.html quotes page from past years is really quite funny. Titter
Chatterbots are fun. http://www.simonlaven.com/ Simon's page has heapsa.

I rilly rilly am quite interested in AI in general as well as light chatterbots.
I've just finished reading How to Build a Mind: Toward Machines With Imagination by Igor Aleksander - a man who has 'been at the AI scene' since it's early days. This book is all about machines and conciousness and what is really AI anyway? He steps into the shoes of famous philosophers and works off their material to give us what he reckons are their views on AI and such. Check your libraries peeps if you are curious.
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