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written by Chad on Mar 19, 2007 03:10
Folding @ Home

What is it?
Some of you may know of SETI @ Home in which each computer is helping search the galaxy for aliens. But Folding @ Home is designed to help here on our own planet and maybe in our own lifetime! What this program does is help simulate a Protien as it "Folds". This will help scientist become more familiar of how a protien works and make it even easier to cure diseases such as Cancer.

How can I help?
All you have to do is download a program they have available at there website(Linked above) and let it fun in the background such like SETI. It will download a file and begin to simulate the folding process.

Why should I help?
If you have a family member that has these problems wouldn't you want to help cure them? Wouldn't you want the future to be a better place? Now if you do help they can destroy these problems quicker.

And what else?
Thats about it. All you do is let the program run as you do other task such as browsing the web or if your computer is doing nothing at all you can help without really doing anything. So if you want to help, go ahead and do it.

Just PC's?
Nope, coming out next week on the 23rd of March will be a update for the PS3 to help even further this cause. Since the PS3's CELL processer is alittle more powerful then a computers it will be able to do about 40 times what a PC can do these days. So one PS3 equals 40 PCs. This is what I will be doing once the update comes out. But your still welcome to join that cause on your PC.

So if you want to help, or already are helping! Great! The more the better.
written by Stellanaut on Mar 19, 2007 18:41
I just signed on, definitely a good idea, now my extra cpu cycles will be doing a lot more than heating up my room.
written by Explorer on Mar 19, 2007 19:31
I started up yesterday. Woot.
hello! :) felysian
written by Hello! :) on Mar 20, 2007 02:22
I wish I had CPU cycles to spare...
written by Barebones on Mar 20, 2007 17:47
I started today. Thanks for the suggestion!
hello there
written by Duskesko on Mar 24, 2007 08:32
i used to be a loyal seti@home runner
i shall look into this
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