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written by Cryoburner on Mar 28, 2007 17:49
Magnulus said:
On Citizendium, that is a non-issue.
Well yeah... They don't even have a page there. : P

As for the student getting in trouble, that would probably require the professor to notice the situation right away. There's no guarantee that he would even visit the site, let alone notice that someone posted content in his name.
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written by Trad.a on Mar 29, 2007 04:10
Will, one day, Wikipedia come crashing down? Like Rome, will the corruption reach such a height that it will enable vandals to push down the walls and 'burn' the articles until Wikipedia becomes worthless?
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written by Duskesko on Mar 29, 2007 04:15
Trad.a said:
...and 'burn' the articles until Wikipedia becomes worthless?
i wonder what burning html looks like?
i bet the ash would look like tags i'm so off topic
written by Cryoburner on Mar 29, 2007 04:27
While I think Wikipedia may eventually come down for some reason or another, it's not like the data that is already there would be lost. Anyone with a fast connection can download backups of Wikipedia's databases, so there will be archived copies of the site floating around even if it were officially abandoned. As for a potential growth of vandalism, I imagine that more strict controls would be put in place if that ever became enough of an issue.
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written by Magnulus on Mar 29, 2007 06:43
Cryoburner said:
Even if much of the content didn't get through, he could make the professor look bad among other professionals in his field.
I'm sure that if it ended in the besmirching of the professor's name among the professionals in his field, I'm sure it would come up somehow.
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