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written by Bien4500 on Apr 28, 2007 13:18
Can Alex please release a beta/release the full thing already!
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written by Megagun on Apr 28, 2007 13:21
No, and I can tell you why...

...because Noctis V does not exist..

Really, it won't ever happen. Noctis V won't ever get released. Time to face reality!

You could ofcourse code your own sequel to Noctis IV! Go ahead, we'll ask you for a beta 2 months away from now, okay?
written by Xenomorph on Apr 28, 2007 15:26
Okay, I'll bite:

You'll probably never read this, but that is exactly the wrong question to ask around here. The one thing that Alex does not need is constant pressure from people demanding releases, or even release dates (see the Curse). He is a busy man with a life of his own and does NOT have to cater for us.

Does anyone have anything else to add?
written by Barebones on Apr 28, 2007 15:29
I'd add:
On each forum there are a number of "pinned threads" that contain important information. On this Noctis forum, the first pinned thread is titled "The NV Curse". Give it a read before posting again.

Edit: and, in case it is not clear,
on the "New member's hall" forum, the first pinned thread contain the rules of this forum. Rule #3 explicitly says, "Thou shalt not asketh repeatedly about when Noctis V is released!". Nuff said.
written by Stellanaut on Apr 28, 2007 16:22
Technically, he didn't ask REPEATEDLY, he asked once...

Anyway, Bien, that question is considered a general piss-off around here, so its not reccomended to ask it unless you have a really good reason.
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written by Skinnymon on Apr 28, 2007 16:43
Besides, If I don't bother to ask such questions [much to the delight of all members] constantly, as I have been known to do about Inbox then there is a reason: the CURSE!
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written by Serpens on Apr 28, 2007 17:32
Note that he didn't ask a question at all. He just demanded the release of Noctis V.
written by Xenomorph on Apr 28, 2007 19:00
Serpens said:
Note that he didn't ask a question at all. He just demanded the release of Noctis V.
True, but it was phrased as a question, and was taken as such.
written by Barebones on Apr 28, 2007 19:18
Maybe we should set a trap for him. Answer, "no, Alex can't release anything right now", and then hide in the bushes, waiting for him to fall into the really evil question...

Edit: oops, there was a really misleading comma above. Corrected. 'Him'=Bien, not Alex.
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hello! :) felysian
written by Hello! :) on Apr 28, 2007 20:02
I'm fairly sure Megagun is right, NV does not exist (and no that really old version that has/had screenshots doesn't count). Both linoleum and pitagora would have to be completed first (and their states are still unknown), before NV can start existing.
"gheeh!" (c)h.azuma
written by Yayo on Apr 28, 2007 23:22
A note for all the forums newbies who are hanging around: keep in mind that pratically noone here (*cough!*) is in touch with Alex, so even if you ask for something from the boss, the forums members/mods/admins have no ways to help you.
we ALL are waiting. (^^;)
so, sit down and wait with us! : D

in the meanwhile, forget that game, download something else and play that.
We have a freeware game section which comes handy in these cases.

: )

written by Tacogeddon on Apr 29, 2007 02:02
Well I can't add much to what has already been said.

But Bien wins the the award for what has possibly been the most blunt way of asking for it

You can always play Noctis IV :/
written by Jgrillo2002 on Jun 01, 2007 06:12
guys. I wanted to say this in a while but You cant get it. because why? because alex is dead and NV is vaporware. got it?! we can always make a new NV from people that have alot of time and money. alex lives in some ranch farm in italy. so what
written by Raptorjedi on Jun 01, 2007 06:31
That was a bit unnecessary Jgrillio. And it was rude to say such things about Alex, I suggest you apologize.
written by Tacogeddon on Jun 01, 2007 08:08
Alex is most certainly not dead! We computer faring folk never leave the house, so we are never in any danger of being killed.
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