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written by Cryoburner on Jun 18, 2007 00:08
Granpire viking man said:
Naw... I had a Game Boy emu on my Zire, with 1 frameskip, and it worked perfect!

Note: It's 166 Mhz
Also note that the original Game Boy has only a 4 Mhz processor. : P
written by Cerebus on Jun 24, 2007 12:42
the problem with comparing a 400Mhz ARM based CPU with a 400Mhz Intel x86 CPU is that they are completely different architectures, so there is no direct speed comparison.

I'm not convinced that it's impossible to run noctis on a DOS/x86 emulator on an Ipaq, however it'd probably be easier to cross compile, and work on the display and input coding. After all if they can do it with Tomb Raider, or UFO, why not Noctis? ( actually Tomb Raider on my Ipaq is pretty bad since my old 3660 has a few problems with using the navigation pad).

But guess what? I'm actually gonna install Wince again and try it, wish me luck, i'm going in
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. /../PalmOS or Windows Mobile?/ 123
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