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written by Aclockworklemon on May 10, 2007 04:02
How can I transfer my starmap from noctis iv to NICE? I would really like to keep my old findings.
written by Azuraun2 on May 18, 2007 00:46
Take the "STARMAP" file from your NoctisIV data folder and replace the one in your NICE data folder. Keep a copy of the original "STARMAP" from your NICE data folder in case something goes wrong. Then you should be able to access the old starmap with commands like STOLD, DLOLD, etc. But you'll only be able to access the old starmap with the GOES, selecting a new remote target with the button on the ship menu should access the NICE starmap.

I'm not sure if STARMAP is the old one, there's a starmap2 and starmap3 too, I don't understand them >_<
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. /../Starmap transfer to nice?/ 1
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