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written by Cryoburner on Sep 07, 2007 02:17
Yes, Parallels Desktop is a program that lets you run Windows from within MacOSX, while Boot Camp gives you the option to boot directly into Windows. Of course, you'll need a copy of Windows to install, and in the case of using Parallels, you'll need that as well. You probably won't want Vista either, since the current DOS versions of Noctis are not compatible with it. The work in progress Windows port of NoctisCE should work in Vista though.

The currently available versions of Noctis are not written in Linoleum though, since Noctis IV was made before Alex started work on Lino. He started making a new version of Noctis in Lino some time ago, but that project is mostly on hold while he works on improving Lino. As far as multi-platform capabilities go, he's writing a new RTM for the next release that should allow PCs to boot directly into programs compiled with it. He's also expressed interest in eventually getting a Mac, so an RTM for that platform seems inevitable.
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written by Neuzd on Sep 07, 2007 09:32
Thanks, the software I'm referring to is called CrossOver.
I first read about it on Doug Adams (not THAT one) site. He's a friendly guy writing applescripts mainly for iTunes.

I'm fine with works in development.
I was curious because I feel portability is an inspiring situation for a developer.

Just because we're (casually?) on topic:
I'm also a Mac user, as almost anyone I have different systems, so I also own a Win98 PC to play games and freewares like Noctis and doing few other things.

Sadly the HD of my iBook got fried and I decided to wait and buy another one instead of repairing that, but datas of course are always the most important thing on a machine of yours...

I'm buying a sleek new iMac as soon as the new OS comes out.
I'll be surely relying on BootCamp to run an updated version of Windows and related programs (Thief III, Knytt Stories, finally!); I think XP is the most stable and powerful for my needs now (gaming, gaming, and gaming).

So Alex is doing all the work himself.
Being new I was afraid that if there were any "Alex Little Helpers", they too deserved a thanking.
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written by Megagun on Sep 07, 2007 09:38
Neuzd said:
So Alex is doing all the work himself.
Being new I was afraid that if there were any "Alex Little Helpers", they too deserved a thanking.

Most of the content inside Noctis IV (that is, the GUIDE and STARMAP) has been made and written by the users, therefore you could argue that part of Noctis IV has been made by people other than Alex.

Also, the manual and accompanying soundtrack has been written/composed by Ryan.

Personally, I think that, while Alex *wrote* Noctis IV (the program), it's the community behind it that drives it.
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written by Granpire viking man on Sep 08, 2007 02:34
Just mentioning, I think BootCamp comes with OS X Leopard, it didn't come with older versions. I think.
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written by Magnulus on Sep 08, 2007 16:11
GVM is right.
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written by Neuzd on Sep 08, 2007 16:20
Yes, but BootCamp is a feature of Leopard, so it'a an Apple product.

People were doing it since the first Intel Macs appeared, so I guess they did it by other "unofficial" means.
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