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written by Sd-01 on Jun 03, 2007 23:16
I can play only through "noctis00" in the modules folder.
Will this affect the gameplay somehow?

Another thing: has anybody else played "Exile" on c64 or the others? In that game, you're exploring huge caverns in Mars, (I think it was Mars.) It reminded me of Noctis.
written by Raptorjedi on Jun 03, 2007 23:26
Noctis has no noctis00, but NICE does. Megagun should know the answer to that.

Also, saying if you mean NICE or Noctis IV is usually pretty important, it prevents confusion.
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written by Megagun on Jun 04, 2007 13:54
Hmm.. noctis00.. hmm.. I think that one doesn't have the flying lander or the temperature modifications with it..


Delete your Noctis folder, then get:
and extract it somewhere (preferably C:\) and then run Normal Go!.exe..
That .zip file contains R11.5, with a fix, and with some stuff removed that cost a lot of conventional memory..

It doesn't have SyncStarmap updated, though, so I advise you to not make any discoveries yet (read: contribute to the GUIDE) until I release R12 or perhaps R11.9..

Also, if you *do* want to contribute to the GUIDE, search somewhere on the Noctis forums.. I released a patch which fixes Syncstarmap stuff.. but it might not work for you due to conventional memory limitations.. :/
written by Sd-01 on Jun 04, 2007 17:00
Thanks! It works now.
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. /../Using noctis00 in NICE./ 1
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