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written by Peterpaul kl h on Jun 13, 2007 18:50
Apple joins the browser war for the Windows platform and has released their browser Safari for Windows. Currently still beta, but i'm writing this post from Safari.


Ofcourse they claim that this is the fastest browser on earth. Although that's hard to check IMO. I cannot see much difference in memory consumption when comparing with Firefox 2.

Interesting read:

So, who likes to go on a Safari?
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written by Yayo on Jun 13, 2007 23:19
it seems that there are still too many bugs && security issues. : P

Security expert Thor Larholm claims he needed just two hours to create an exploit for a bug in Safari allowing him to start arbitrary programs.

With Windows port, a bug-hunting Safari for Apple | InfoWorld | News | 2007-06-12 | By Robert McMillan, IDG News Service
looog url

complex webpages seem to be displayed totally wrong in it.
also it doesn't know what means bold nor italic when started on localized windows.

heise Security - News - Apple's Safari into imperfection

a very weak beta. strange step for apple.. : /

written by Cryoburner on Jun 14, 2007 03:45
Eww... Safari? That's like IE, only for Macs, without the benefits of site compatibility. The only reason people use Safari is because it comes preinstalled with OSX. I can't say I've ever been fond of Safari during times I've used it, so I won't likely be using Safari 3 for anything more than compatibility testing. I suppose they intend on offering it packaged with iTunes, which could increase their user base. Their main goal is probably just to have more web developers make their sites work correctly on Macs and the upcoming iPhone though.
written by Peterpaul kl h on Jun 14, 2007 07:11
Well, the html rendering engine that's used by Safari is the open source Webkit engine (http://webkit.org/) based on KHTML, an open source rendering engine developed by the KDE (www.kde.org) developers. So i personally think it's a good thing that through this another open source technology gets more exposure.

I've installed it, because i'm developing a web cms and webshop, and i want it to work on as much platforms as possible. Having Safari, IE and Firefox installed i can test it on the three main rendering engines, IE, gecko and KHTML/Webkit.

After using Safari for just a few minutes the memory usage already exceeded 100 Mb for my system. As I do have 1Gb installed still not a problem, but its still much. I don't think i'll install it on the older laptop which has 256 Mb.
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