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written by Megagun on Jun 21, 2007 19:42
Thanks! These could be very helpful indeed.

Ireclan said:
Oh, and maybe a shot of a Star Drifter.
written by Ireclan on Jun 22, 2007 01:28
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written by Megagun on Jun 25, 2007 13:00
*wakes up* (I have been away for a few days, hence my late response)

Hmm.. RTF.. Nah, bad. HTML is way easier, looks nicer, and is friendlier... If you can't do HTML but wish to write, feel free to either write your sub-articles here in this thread, or feel free to write them in plaintext and upload said text to the C-Disk..

And yes, my original thought was to rewrite the manual from scratch. I've already got some parts of it written down. Ofcourse, recycling things is all good and well, too.

Maybe the schema could also include:
*Noctis IV CE Project FAQ
*Noctis IV CE FAQ

Where Project FAQ is about the project, not the game, and where the general FAQ contains some frequently asked questions, such as what .exe file has to be ran, how to run NICE under Linux, the conventional memory stuffs, etc..

PGoes is operated by hitting F5.
Hitting TAB whilst it is open makes the black background go away (so that you can see the surface of the planet, with PGOES text overlayed).
Hitting any other key than TAB or any of the function keys will then change the input line on the bottom of the screen. Hitting ENTER will then execute that command. Yes, PGOES accepts the same commands as the onboard G.O.E.S. screen... Don't try using the ST module though
written by Ireclan on Jun 25, 2007 16:27
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written by Stargazer on Jun 25, 2007 17:24
I would definitely recommend that some, if not most of the information from the original Noctis IV manual is reused; particularly Felisian history, units of measurements, and such things. In my opinion; if it can be reused, it should be, unless there is something to add.

Oh, and I might as well repost my notes on the Noctis Galaxy in this thread, in case you should be interested in using them:
The Galaxy
The Noctis Galaxy, or “Feltyrion” as it is also called, is best classified as an irregular cluster-galaxy, although it is currently shaped somewhat like a lens, likely because of several past collisions and close encounters with smaller galaxies.
In its present form, Feltyrion harbours somewhere between seventy-five and eighty billion stars, with a diameter of 180,000 light-years wide and 6,000 light years tall. It appears larger, but not as compact as the Milky Way galaxy where the Earth resides, which has anywhere between two hundred to four hundred billion stars according to the latest estimates, spanning some 100,000 light years in disk diameter.
Feltyrion does not have a black hole in its centre, which is instead home to dense star clusters. It is possible that a black hole did once exist there, but was jettisoned during a galactic merger.
The long time stability of the galaxy is still largely unknown, since there are no precise measurements of its mass. However, observations do seem to indicate that there is enough matter to hold things together for the foreseeable future.
Proofread by Ireclan, typos fixed. : )
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written by Ireclan on Jun 25, 2007 18:06
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doing pushups
written by Megagun on Jun 25, 2007 18:15
I won't have any problem with adding creature pictures..

Probably though, we'll need a big fat spoiler warning somewhere in the manual though.
written by Stargazer on Jun 25, 2007 18:36
Ireclan said:
May I presume that I can proofread this article as well?

Definitely feel free to do so, if you want to. I appreciate any input, as always.
written by Ireclan on Jun 25, 2007 19:02
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written by Ireclan on Jun 25, 2007 23:35
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absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Jun 26, 2007 03:38
Two suggestions, Ireclan:

If you were in windows, you could probably use alt-printsceen with the windows version to get a screenshot of the portable goes. I'm not sure if linux has a similar feature (for dosemu or wine), though, so this might not help you.

Secondly, I agree with your point #1, but if you want to try to get pictures of moving creatures in the future, I might suggest trying the auto-strafe keys: (Strafing, in this case, means sliding to the side, at a right angle to the direction you are facing)

[Assuming that I'm correctly remembering how I implemented these keys:]
Hold the left or right arrow key for a few moments and you will begin strafing to the side. If you let go of the key, you continue strafing. Pressing left or right changes how fast you're strafing.

If you also have mouselook on (press the up arrow to toggle it) you may be able to face a creature, match its speed, and follow it while facing it.

You can also hit the down arrow to immediately stop strafing - in case the creature made a sudden turn or the like.

Those keys aren't necessarily easy to use, but they're more useful for critter-chasing once you have the hang of it than ordinary fixed-speed FPS-like strafing would be. (You can of course also try to run behind a creature while taking pictures, but then you only get shots of its behind )

The ultra-high running speeds (, and .) can also be useful for catching up to faraway or fast-moving critters.
written by Ireclan on Jun 26, 2007 14:59
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written by Bafflebox on Jul 28, 2012 20:18
I didn't realize I was several years too late until I already made it... X)
So eh, um, well here!

Was fun to make, at any rate. I saw the Stardrifter.png image and I thought it looked like a blueprint, ish? So I decided to make it more blueprinty.
written by Cryoburner on Jul 29, 2012 00:13
Nice blueprintish image, in any case. : )

Everything shown in the blueprint matches the Noctis IV / Plus drifter as well, so it could double for that. I'm not sure if it would get added to a manual though, since CE is no longer supported by its developers, and IV / Plus is only marginally supported at this time. It does look nice though.

I do believe the dome should be a bit larger though. The screenshot linked to in the first post on this page should show the scale of the dome to the drifter a bit better. : D
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