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written by Donzabu on Jun 24, 2007 23:29
What if there were a soundtrack to Noctis, that changed to fit the enviornment? For example, on a life-filled planet, one might hear some kind of natural soundtrack while on a barren world or on the ship one would hear an ambient electronic theme? I think it would be awesome.
written by Raptorjedi on Jun 24, 2007 23:32
I don't think it's possible to add sound to NIV, NV maybe. There IS a Noctis Soundtrack though.

cd/zips/Lkraider/the galactic odyssey (232 Kb)

A member named Mruqe. made it a long time ago, it's just a bunch of ambient electronic music that really fits with the game.
written by Donzabu on Jun 24, 2007 23:37
I didn't like it. I think a more Fallout or Metal Gear-esque sound would do, but that's just me.
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written by Medeivalstargazer on Jun 25, 2007 00:27
I lime playing random rock and weird al xD Mad world fits quite well with the mood ... Then again, Mad World is good at anytime, anywhere .
written by Aclockworklemon on Jun 28, 2007 00:13
Personally, I don't think Noctis should have a soundtrack. When I listen to music while playing, I find it distracts from that awe-inspiring feeling you somtimes get in Noctis. However, when I first started playing and I had the manual open in the background, I found that particular music quite fitting.
written by Aclockworklemon on Jun 28, 2007 00:23
Also, I dunno, I don't really like Galactic Odyssey because it just sounds like some type of keyboard cacophany. Unfortunately, there is such a thing as an ugly fractal. Also, it just sounds too human.
written by Aclockworklemon on Jun 28, 2007 00:23
Blech.. what an awful couple of sentences.
written by Xenomorph on Jun 28, 2007 00:40
Ick, a triple post. May I point out the edit button?
written by Aclockworklemon on Jun 28, 2007 01:36
I know where it is, but I would feel like I'm lying.
written by Aclockworklemon on Jun 28, 2007 01:38
Hey, where's my avatar?
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written by Magnulus on Jun 28, 2007 06:25
There is an "edit" button under each of your posts. Use that instead of posting new posts right after one another.
written by Aclockworklemon on Jun 28, 2007 06:31
As I said, I'm quite aware. Also, avatar?? My pic is below the size and resolution limits. I'm so confused!
wah... waall-eee
written by Magnulus on Jun 28, 2007 08:08
Are you also quite aware, then, that you can edit your original message by ADDING to it rather than replacing it with something new? This, in essence, means that you can provide the same amount of information and still manage to avoid posting multiple posts straight after one another.

As far as your avatar goes, I don't know. Let me assure you, however, that if I did know, your attitude so far would disincline me to give you any help.

To clarify, if editing still seems like "lying" to you, here is an example of how you can edit your posts effectively without removing information. Yes, I simply wrote "EDIT:" at the head of the new information, and voilą! An edited post that does not lie! Crazy notion, I know. But why don't you try?
written by Aclockworklemon on Jun 29, 2007 08:19
that's so cold, sniffle
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written by Megagun on Jun 29, 2007 08:44

Mark Vera is great:

He's also done some more ambient stuff:

And best of all: all of this is free stuff, but not Creative Commons (so you're technically not allowed to share it yourself, unless being given permission to do so)
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