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written by Geekspeek on Jun 27, 2007 21:11
Two rants I have written for general consumption. NOTE: If Felisian or non-Felisian sentients exist in-game, I don't want to know. If they don't exist, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. I want to find out for myself. Anyway, here's my two cents on the Noctis reality:

I believe that the mass exodus of the Felisian civilization may not have been all-inclusive. What I mean by that is someone besides the Stardrifters may have been left behind. My main evidence in support of this is that the Guide computer is still functioning. It may be advanced, but every computer needs maintenance occasionally. I would assume that the Guide is subterrannean (or subFelisian) to protect it from adverse weather, so the settlement itself would probably be underground too. If not, then we may be able to find it. I will explore Fenia to attempt to locate an inhabited settlement, but with the size of the planet I have little hope of actually finding anything. Another possibility is that some of the Stardrifters have abandoned that particular lifestyle and colonized some planet (possibly, they colonized the Fenia system and are the ones maintaining the Guide). i have read on his site that it is possible that Felisians no longer reproduce naturally. This indicates a foolish overreliance on technology; if they were that technologically dependent the Stardrifters would have been unmanned. It is my belief that Felisians still use natural reproduction methods, and there is therefore still hope for the Stardrifter civilization (which I view as separate from the Felisian civilizaion itself).

This one's on the subject of non-Felisian sentients and their artifacts:

I, personally, believe that only some of the ruins we have found are Felisian in origin. The fact that there are no other known spacefaring cultures in the galaxy doesn't mean that there never were, and this also leaves out sentients that have not yet achieved spaceflight.

What do you guys (and girls) think?
written by Tacogeddon on Jun 27, 2007 21:23
Geekspeek said:
NOTE: If Felisian or non-Felisian sentients exist in-game, I don't want to know. If they don't exist, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW.
Actually, Alex, the creator of the game has stated that...

*Is shot by the spoiler sniper*
written by Raptorjedi on Jun 27, 2007 21:29
Yeah, you don't want to know if they exist or not, but most of us know the truth, so what we think is the truth so it would be a little hard to tell you what we think, because what we think is the truth.

As for the universe in general (not in game): In fanfiction there has been some mention (I think) about some Stardrifters settling down after the exodus of the Felisians. They do reproduce sexually (at least as far as I know). The only real difference in the two socities, Felisians and Stardrifters, is the Stardrifters don't have much contact with each other.
written by Geekspeek on Jun 27, 2007 22:39
(the edit button isn't working because of a "504 Gateway Timeout", so consider this an edit to my first post: the single occurence of the word "his" was supposed to be "this". Also, I forgot to capitalize "I" in the same sentence.)
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