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written by Stellanaut on Aug 11, 2007 02:50
Every time i got a swallow, i just stole the thing.
written by Blue_cephalopod on Aug 11, 2007 23:11
After posting that i went into the game to finally find a swallow at downtown moths, it took a lot of trips and buying out all their moths several times to get it. I manufactured all the components too from raw materials and the drugs i made paid for buying all the unwanted moths. I've nicked swallows in previous games but with the update I think you have to tick a box to have them lying around in hangars.
written by Ouch on Aug 15, 2007 21:30
yeah, swallows can be a pain to get as they are at the very end of the ship production cycle.

Luckilly people have done tests to find out precisly how may resources are needed for each particular moth. And because the hangars can only produce what they have resources for you can get the desired moth the first time around. Well ok, sometimes more than that because the ai traders might trade there and mess up your plans for precise amounts of resources...
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