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written by Geekspeek on Jul 10, 2007 17:06
NOTE: this is not one of those "whn r u guna rlese NV lol roxr!!!1seventy-two!!!1" posts. It is merely a list of what I would like to see in NV.

Stuff that Might Happen:

-a NoctisMapper-type thing that runs in the game, so you don't have to Alt-Tab out of the game to see the map

-a large viewscreen somewhere in the SD specifically for viewing text, so you can actually read the entire guide notes without using NM


-An addition to Galactic Cartography that allows you to draw and name constellations (I do this anyway, but it would be nice if some way to do it officially was provided)

-something like NICE's movie maker

Stuff that Probably Won't Happen:


-Inhabited planets - I don't mean spacefaring civilizations, I mean like stone age or prehistoric sentients

-Being able to capture live specimens of animals (not to eat) and store them in the Stardrifter for further study

-The ability to take samples of plant life

-Fertilizing ground, relocating animals, planting or destroying vegetation, digging/filling in holes

Stuff That God Himself Probably Wouldn't Be Able To Program Correctly, But That Would Still Really Kick Ass:

-an ecosystem that reacts to your actions

-randomly generated, unique wildlife and sentient lifeforms

Stuff That Will Never Happen, But
Would Still Be Kind of Cool:

- being able to see StarStriders

-being able to command a StarStrider

Stuff That Would Ruin The Game, But Will Be Asked For By At Least One Person Anyway Because They Are Morons:

-Elite-style trading and combat (I don't want this; isn't that exactly what Elite is for?)
written by Raptorjedi on Jul 10, 2007 17:46

There is already a thread about future noctis ideas. Please post your ideas there.
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