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written by Repaxan on Jul 13, 2007 22:45
If anyone still reads this forum...

What do I do right after I start?

It isn't roguelike at all.
written by Chad on Jul 14, 2007 02:20
You basically roam around and try to kill other animals and find items.

Its not a complete game, it has no in -game missions. A Mastersprite has to be in the game to give you a mission and watch you as you go around. It would be like: "Find this Item" or "Kill the monster". Stuff like that.

Plus its a empty game, no on really plays it that much. Levels are unfinished. well some. But it was a great idea that never got fully finished.

It might get picked up again later after Alex gets done with his other projects and has free time.

A 3D version was demoed but thats all too.
written by Cryoburner on Jul 14, 2007 06:43
As it is now, most of the things to do involve exploring the different areas and aquiring objects to expand your avatar's abilities. That is, until you stumble across some ultra-powerful NPC and get instantly killed without warning. : P

I suppose it's only roguelike in that it has an RPG style of gameplay and uses text characters to render it's environment. With the fonts properly installed, the graphics won't look like characters though, unless you type in "Mode R" for the Roguelike rendering method.

Avatar does have its flaws, but they are things that could be amended in an eventual future release. It would probably require a major overhaul to get much attention though. There are few who actively play it now, so it's rare to see another human player unless they let someone know that they're playing.
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written by Speeder on Jul 19, 2007 19:09
During a boring time at university, I managed to spend 2 weeks in a row playing avatar all the days from 13:00 to 16:30

I stopped after I got lost in finding more portals... I suck in exploring and I died of starvation once while searching for food...
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