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written by Nova on Aug 03, 2007 13:39
For some reason, all of a sudden, NICE stopped working with the Normal go!, Alternative go! and when I load up DWnotis it says "Ack kind find system" it happen right when I was starting to travel to a new star.

The graphics in the stardrifter has messed up, everything looking like the dome, the flight controls are broken, blinking franticly..


Reseting the system in the stardrifter, rebooting my computer doesn't help..

Please help!
written by Stargazer on Aug 03, 2007 16:26
Welcome Nova!

Looks like you ran out of lithium, so you will need to call for help. To do this, go to the "Onboard Devices" menu, then select "Emergency Functions", and from there click "Send Help Request". After a few minutes, an automated stardrifter should appear and hand off a few grams of fuel, enough for you to make it to the nearest S06 star.

To fix the graphics (this is actually a feature), go to the "Preferences" menu, and there click "Polarization”.

Please see the Noctis manual if you need further help with the interface and how to refuel. It might seem a bit awkward at first, but it is actually quite simple once you get the hang of it.
written by Cryoburner on Aug 04, 2007 04:04
It really is a feature too, not like some other less intentional 'features' found in Noctis. : P The moral of the story is not to run out of fuel. : )

That facetted transparent look is actually the stardrifter's natural appearance, as it is made primarilly of quartz crystal. Polarization is used to reflect light off its surfaces instead of allowing it to pass, increasing the ship's opacity. When you run out of fuel, the stardrifter enters a power saving mode, where all nonessential features are disabled.

As Stargazer mentioned, after calling for help, another stardrifter will eventually stop by and provide you with a couple grams of fuel. You should then look for a suitable star to refuel at, since your craft will slowly use fuel even while your not playing. Likewise, you can start scoping for Lithium and close Noctis, and come back a little later to find a full tank of fuel, since Noctis will update that amount based on how much time has passed since the last run . Your current fuel level should be listed on the main flight control menu, and tops off around 128 grams.
written by Nova on Aug 06, 2007 12:20
Cheers guys, I appreciate the help.. I was worried I had broken it for some time there. It's a pretty neat feature, once you know what to do, and the feeling of getting stuck in space is pretty damn scary.

Oh yeah, any specific star class that have lithium or do they all have it? Cheers.
written by Stargazer on Aug 06, 2007 17:24
Nova said:
Oh yeah, any specific star class that have lithium or do they all have it?
Look around S05 and S06 stars, the latter is especially a safe bet.
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. /../NICE is messing up, stopped.../ 1
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