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written by Buuks on Aug 08, 2007 10:23
I was just skimming through C-disk and I found this screenshot:

Does anyone know what it is?
Is this an upcoming version of Avatar?
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written by Starchaser on Aug 08, 2007 10:48
i dont know but to kill a master spirit it must be a hell good cat to do dat they are invunerable
written by Cryoburner on Aug 08, 2007 11:32
Alex uploaded that, but only talked about it in the chat. The conversation can be found here. Basically, it's a shot of an updated "Third Age" of Avatar that he was working on. From what I last heard, he wasn't going to continue work on it until after completing some of his other projects.

From an email he sent me a few days prior to that, he described it as follows...
Alex said:
I also found a not-so-recent screenshot of the new Avatar (can't take an actual snap because the game is not functional, due to major changes in the script that generates the game's stylesheets), titled "get rid of masters": in the third age of Avatar, there will NO LONGER be masterspirits as a separate species, as any lifeform will be able to become masterspirit, by means of a special soulclass ("master"); in this "historical" screenshot, my white cat, Bryllig, kills my old masterspirit, Alex. For the rest, one can "intuition" how the interface and rendering of the mazes has changed, but several adjustments and features were missing in that screenshot. For instance, it's missing a set of buttons to change the zoom level of the central cell (where the cat is, outlined in red dots), which can be set to zoom even further or to disable enlargement of the central cell (1:1 ratio). you may also notice that walls and trees look no longer like "flat" parts of the maze: in fact, they're "real" items, and they could be picked up by strong enough players. Outlines and shadows might also look like a nice addition. On top of all this, the game is ENTIRELY made in tableless design, which indeed grants a very exact compatibility among different browsers: the screenshot was rendered by Opera (as well as that of Postline's), but Avatar looks pratically the same on MSIE and Firefox as well, while Postline still suffers slight troubles with IE.
written by Stellanaut on Aug 08, 2007 17:20
Starchaser said:
hell good cat
Did the cat have red glowing eyes?

Personally, I'm looking foreward to this, Avatar is a really good idea, and it looks like it has a great implimentation.
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written by Speeder on Aug 13, 2007 03:10
I like it, cool graphics... But I wonder if they still are font based (I can not play avatar properly on university, where I do not have admin rights to install a font... In fact this is stupid, since there we learn how to create font ourselves on a class called typography, and some other classes demand the use of non-standard fonts, for these we need to go thought a great amount of requests, or use a stolen pass to install the needed fonts... yeah, we stole a pass you only need a keylogger, a wacom tabled, and a machine still without the driver, and of course, a stupid lab worker that altought have permission to install wacom drivers, do not check if there are keyloggers running...)
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written by Alex on Dec 21, 2010 16:52
I don't actually know what to do with that version, which was left incomplete three years ago. Perhaps I'll complete it even if an alternative universe will be (for sure) set up in the catch-all project currently to be called "Keyway". The fact is that both Postline's web interface and that version of Avatar would be kind ways to let people have fun without running "Keyway".

About the fact that it's font-based, recent versions of CSS could make it possible to induce the browser to download the fonts automatically, without needing them to be installed in the player's system and bypassing entirely the trouble with administration rights. On the other hand, glyph-based (i.e. font-based) rendering makes it very efficient in terms of used bandwidth with respect to image-based rendering. Also, vector fonts are obviously scalable without having to be re-drawn at higher resolutions, which is wonderful when it comes to zoom on cells to see small items there. And... plain colors give the game a unique and clean look, I like it.

But still, its future is a bit uncertain, because maintaining two versions of the game could be too much of a burden for me. Although... it shouldn't be nearly as complex as putting together a full-blown 3D version of a similar MMO as a part of "Keyway". I just don't know what will be of it, but I don't exclude at all bringing it to completion.
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