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krush kill 'n destroy
written by Geekofdeath on Aug 23, 2007 15:50
I vaguely remember talking about how Google is going to map all the planets and eventually the Universe....

Well, they mapped the Universe..... http://earth.google.com/sky/skyedu.html

Behold! Google Sky! (actually, it was never called Google Sky, it's just an updated Google Earth)

EDIT: Oh, and it has a layer called "User's Guide to Galaxies". Hmm.....
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written by Naavis on Aug 23, 2007 17:03
It seems cool, but it has some obvious flaws. Phil Plait says it better than me: http://www.badastronomy.com/bablog/2007/08/22/google-sky/
written by Raptorjedi on Aug 23, 2007 17:04
I agree with Phil. I'm gonna stick with Stellarium and Celestia for my space viewing needs
krush kill 'n destroy
written by Geekofdeath on Aug 23, 2007 17:18
Yeah, but it is still interesting. I have Celestia, and I admit it is a bit more interesting (except that it doesn't have Hubble images actually embedded into it--then again, it's a different type of "star map").
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