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written by Rockey pie on Aug 28, 2007 04:02
OK... i downloaded ftl, but when i type in FTL in command.com, like the user guid says, i get a message that says FTL is not a command. so i typed in C:\FTL.exe. this time i got a message that FTL "is not suitable for rinning MS-DOS or windows applications. any ideas on how to make the program work?
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written by Alex on Sep 05, 2007 12:54
The first problem is definitely a matter of path: if you want the program to be reachable while the current directory is not that where the program is kept, you may either place the program into a system directory (c:\windows would probably be the choice) or create a dedicated directory somewhere to then change the relevant environment variable ("path") from the control panel.

For the second message, I did never see anything like that, but if you're running Windows Vista, or even just XP service pack 2, then I did never work with them so far, and can't tell for sure.
written by Rockey pie on Sep 10, 2007 03:16
OK, i figured the second problem out... and thanks for the fix for the first.
the second message appeared because my command.com file had been deleted off of my computer. i was able to fix the problem by copying the file from another computer and inserting it into my system.
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. /../Need HELP with FTL/ 1
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