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written by Orao on Sep 04, 2007 08:33
Being a latin scholar, I couldn't help but notice that this game (a very good one at that, I must say) is called noctis, and this is the genetive form of the word nox, f, nom. sing., thus meaning 'of the night, of a night', instead of the intended (I am assuming that I am right) 'night, a night, the night'. I am aware that it would be most likely out of the wuestion to think about renaming it, but I just thought that I might point this out, and am wondering whether it has been noticed before. RIght, well I feel that after such a rant I need to apologise in some way or another, so may I say, jolly well done to the maker, on creating a fantastic game. Well, that's all from me, for now. Also, the community needs a bit of a boost, perhaps some sort of noctis community event... the boards are rather... dead. I doubt anyone will ever read this
EDIT: being new, I didn't see the topics below, and was looking at the stickied topics... no, the community is up and running, as fine as one could want.
written by Cryoburner on Sep 04, 2007 09:13
I would think "of the night" should fit just as well for a title as "night" used in the form of a noun. In the simulator you are a lone traveler of the night, spending much of your time in the darkness of space. The title can therefore describe you as being one who is "of the night".

Besides, there's another game called Nox, so that would cause confusion. : )

I agree with you about there being a few too many pinned topics in this section of the forum though. When using a lower desktop resolution, you might even need to scroll just to see the first 'normal' thread. We should probably try cleaning them up a bit. : )
written by Orao on Sep 05, 2007 06:24
Ah well, in that case, you can't have two games of the same name now can you. As for a being of the night, certainly, it makes sense, and there's no use arguing over things, so I'll leave it at that. Now to memorise all those instructions and commands for noctis.. an awful lot of them, might I add : D.
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written by Alex on Sep 05, 2007 06:36
Well, for what concerns my intentions, "Noctis" was so called to mean effectively "nocturnal", or "belonging in the night", and approximately knowing what the genitive of nox meant. It was called "noctis" because it was coded mostly during sleepless nights, not because it was intended to mean "night".

Oh, not that I'm any good with latin, then... but I knew that
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written by Medeivalstargazer on Sep 08, 2007 20:35
Alex said:
Oh, not that I'm any good with latin, then... but I knew that
Actually, I imagine you'd have a much easier time with Latin than any English native . Italian is by far more closely related to Latin than English is *points to Germanic backgrounds* xD.
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