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written by Mopedslug on Nov 01, 2007 18:22
I am currently working on a model of a Stardrifter, it will possibly be 1:30. Based on my measurements that'll be 8x8x3cm, a third of 240x240x100cm wich is the size I have measured from a picture, assigning 0.083333m per pixel and then counting. I got 0.083333 by giving 3 pixels the value of 0.25m, 3 pixel was what I first divided lines into, then estimating how it would fit best to the size of a Felysian, and my general feeling of size/scale ingame - and a funny attempt at drawing a 24x24x11.5cm with 19.5cdm landing module :p

My measures picture here:


On the picture, if you count the pixels, you will notice that the side window and landing module does'nt fit the 0.083333xPixels=Meter form, as I have reassigned the values for those two, to better fit the overall apearance of my model. The side windows are simply not that large ingame, it would'nt leave room for the equally sized GOES, GUIDE and landing pointer - I assume this model was done either before GOES, GUIDE and pointer was made, or it simply does'nt count them in.
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written by Megagun on Nov 01, 2007 18:34
Hey there..

Note, please, that that image you are using for reference is not an 'official' image, as far as I believe, and might not use proper measurementation..

I myself have once measured (pixelwise) things using the actual Stardrifter model used ingame.
Didn't measure the windows though..

See http://0x44.com/postline/posts.php?t=1141&p=of47879#47879
and the messages after that..
written by Mopedslug on Nov 01, 2007 21:03
Although its a nice one

Ah, ok, so you would say its 5x4.3x0.7?

I thought it as perfect square too, as one in the other thread did, so I never had in mind measuring both width/length (as it, in a square as we all know, are just called sides )

Hmm.. I just think, a Felysian being 76cm long and 46cm tall, it would only be able to stand approximately 3 times in elongation to itself from one wall to the opposite in the Stardrifter - thats what I feel when playing.
You cannot use the "s" (stand) function inside the Drifter though, wich makes it plausible that its only 0.7m high - from a gameplay point if view al least. For a real measurement those observations aint worth much, I know.

But can it really be that noone ever minded to make some measures official?

Maybe Felysians made/bought thier Stardrifters a little different from drifter to drifter, kind of like different VW bubbles...? Thats just fan-fiction..

I would like to make as accurate a Stardrifter as possible to the original tough, are you convinced that 5x4.3x0.7 is the most of that? Then I can cramp in windows and module as I see most fit, if there are not measures for those or cannot come..
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written by Megagun on Nov 01, 2007 21:58
Let's see what I can find in the sourcecode..

As far as I can see, well.. From digging through the source..

Stardrifter size:
Y axis (up and down, Z axis in most games. Blame Alex for being weird with his coordinate system ) 1000 units
X axis 3395 units
Z axis 3100 units

How big a unit is, I'm not exactly sure.. It's an in-code thing. Probably without any meaning.

I'm not terribly sure about the X axis size being correct, either. I do not have much time right now so I just quickly browsed through the code.

100% sure on the Y axis being 1000 units though.

But anyways, it was Alex' intention to make the Stardrifter perfectly square, so...

I'll see if I can dig up some more info for you tomorrow..
written by Xenomorph on Nov 02, 2007 00:52
I once asked Alex this exact question.

He said that a full-sized Stardrifter would be 5 meters square by either 70 or 75 centimeters tall. Hope this helps.

edit: That doesn't include the "ball", of course.
written by Cryoburner on Nov 02, 2007 07:41
Physiology of a Felysian said:
Average size: 41 cm. (height at shoulder) x 76 cm. (length, not including tail)
The average height at shoulder is listed as 41 cm, and a Felysian's eye level should not be far from that. From this, we can determine a stardrifter's scale by comparing our eye level with something onboard. Walking up against the main window, our eyes are right about even with the bottom of the arrow's horizontal bar. Standing back a bit and taking a screenshot, we can compare this height with that of the stardrifter's ceiling. Here's an example where the bottom of the arrow is approximately 41 pixels above the floor...

From this, we can see that the actual interior height of the drifter is closer to 100 centimeters. Using the comparison screenshots Megagun took in Polyvert, this makes the drifter about 7 meters wide and 6.2 meters deep. Of course, this doesn't quite match up with Alex's approximation from the PM Xenomorph quoted...

Alex said:
About 5x5 meters, in my imagination. It might have been a perfect square (seen from above), so if it doesn't look square, it's because I modeled it wrong out of intentions. : )

Oh, the height might be about 70 centimeters (0.7 m).
If that is to be followed, it would place eye level at around 29 centimeters, which is a fair amount shorter than the average Felysian, according to Alex's physiology page. I would personally consider that page to be more accurate, since the PM is worded more like a rough estimate, and he hasn't officially stated those dimensions anywhere.

So, it looks as though there's still some question over the exact scale of the stardrifter Mark IV. The only estimate provided by Alex places it around 5 x 5 x 0.7 meters, while the actual scale in game appears to be closer to 7 x 6.2 x 1 meters, based on the size of a typical Felysian. I suppose we can bother him about it when he returns. : )

Here are a couple shots showing the exterior. Note that the drifters are upside-down relative to each other, with the cupola dome appearing below...

written by Mopedslug on Nov 02, 2007 11:16
Thx for the fine answers everyone...!

I think I will make it 5x5x1 then, a middleway scale that both leans towards Alex' imagery, the actual ingame scale, and what I personally find most appealing.

Making it 7x6.3x1 is simply too flat a vessel to be aestetically pleasing and realistic looking.

Making it 5x5x0.7 is the same,way too flat, while also conflicting seriously with ingame-measures.

From the unofficial pic I based my measurents on, it gets too cubic.

So there I go: 5x5x1 m!
(I adjustet the scale to fit normal small modelcars, 1:42)

Thanks again
written by Sylverone on Nov 24, 2007 23:53
Remember to put an LED light in the corner.
written by Mopedslug on Apr 14, 2008 20:26
Ah.. About the LED, how funny - I just saw the post now, but in fact this very evening I thought about that too! I drew some sketches with a small lamp and a coin battery under an "extra" floor.
I think instead of a LED I'll use one of those very tiny bulbs from Märklin trains and connect it to a battery and a tiny switch - if I can implement it so it looks well enough. =)
written by Thurnso on May 03, 2008 10:31
This sounds like an interesting project, Might I ask what your going to make it out of?
written by Mopedslug on May 03, 2008 19:56
Im making it from styrene sheets - 0,75mm thick. The edges I connect with "L" shaped styrene lists and plastic cement.

I want to do the Noctis IV version with no cupola visible from beneath. For the top cupola I have found a near-perfect 5,5cmØ clear plastic shell (which makes for a perfekt 1:24 scale).
Either its that shell, or I use the old idea for the cupola: simply forming the net-like pattern in soft wire and making the glass in liquid glass for models (stick a droplet to one corner of the rectangle with a brush, and pull to the diagonically opposite corner - it will make a little "window" when dried)

My big concern right now is whether I should go for a "paint-all-parts-now-and-then-assemble-strategy" or a "paint-parts-as-they-are-connected-strategy"..
If the first, then I must go for another glue, as plastic cement wont bind on painted surfaces. If the latter, then its essential not to accidentically paint glue-surfaces, and mistakes will not as easily be undone, as the process becomes more unstructured without a clear plan for assembly beforehand.
I also need to find a way to make a nice perfect hole in the middle of the roof for the surface capsule without one of those big drills for making big holes....

Its very simple in fact, but being quite perfectionist I will leave nothing to coincidences.
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