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written by Cryoburner on Aug 05, 2019 08:42
I get the impression that may have been a spam post, seeing as "business coaching" doesn't seem all that related to LEDs, the page doesn't even load, and this thread had not been posted in for over a decade. : P

To take things more off-topic though, it looks like ThinkGeek got shut down about a month ago. Apparently Gamestop bought them out for $140 million several years back, proceeded to open some retail stores under their brand, and now the site has been discontinued, and is little more than a link to GameStop's online store where one could theoretically buy game-related knick-knacks. It looks like GameStop wasn't content with just running their own business into the ground, and had to diversify their business-ruining strategy. >_>

Perhaps they could use some business coaching? Hmm...
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written by Albeyamakiir on Aug 13, 2019 01:49
Oh damn, that's really disappointing!
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written by Speeder on Aug 19, 2019 16:46
Indeed D:

I was trying to get my career going until I was rich enough to buy TG stuff
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written by Megagun on Aug 20, 2019 19:21
Hah. I actually randomly ran into one of those ThinkGeek stores in a mall yesterday. Was quite surprised, to be honest, as I didn't know that they had a retail presence. Didn't know their website has since gotten extinct. Interesting.
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. /../LEDs as indoor lighting/ 12
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