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written by Jaxe'd on Nov 09, 2007 18:54
I have been reading a few RSS feeds lately and two of the feeds have mentioned about graphics cards being used for other purposes.

First one is here:
CodingHorror.com - Hardware Assisted Brute Force Attack

The second one is here:
CoolestGadgets.com - Faster Cancer Detection

I also read in the CoolestGadgets.com feed about how AMD's newest processor, FireStream 9170 Stream Processor, will "utilize the same theory behind graphics processing units". (link to the above here)

Very cool information, I would say. Anyone have any thoughts, feedback, etc?
written by Barebones on Nov 09, 2007 21:12
Folding at Home has a GPU client for Windows (which I haven't tried). Maybe other distributed computing projects like these are doing the same thing.
written by Jaxe'd on Nov 09, 2007 22:59
Interesting... so, what does this project/program do exactly?

My video card isn't supported for this, so there's no need for me to try right now, though.
hello! :) felysian
written by Hello! :) on Nov 09, 2007 23:50
It's funny that you bring this topic up, because just yesterday I was searching for a way to write multi-processor software using a CPU/GPU combination, and stumbled across PeakStream. However, Google bought them out and they seem to have disappeared, because http://www.peakstreaminc.com/ no longer works and I have not found any more information. No other than PeakStream being bought by Google. Google's website also didn't indicate anything about software on the GPU.
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