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written by Vampire on Dec 04, 2007 14:52
I think it's time for me to leave...
Perhaps it is too late...
Partially because of my user name...
It's too bizzare and even dreadful...
Actually I don't know the true meaning of that word until I looked it up and get scared not long before this.
And another reason is that I am quite certain that I've insulted/wounded some people ,by inadequete use of words or usage of strong language.
I am a non-native English learner from a senior high school, in an eastern country...and my skill is quite limpy...
I can get an A at reading skill in my class(That's why I've orignally dared to get here...)and not so good at writing...with nothing at all in speaking and the art of words...
I couldn't stay here any longer before improving my English to a desirable level...to prevent further undesirable result...
I know that I am the most unpopular one once among you...and now I apologize for all the errors I've made, for all the undesirable result because of my own stupidity...
And how could I .....!!!!!!
It has been a great time with you...
Thank you for your help.......
I'm sure I will return, at the same time I have enough skill and learned some manner......
Good luck.

Best Regards,
the once Vampire
wah... waall-eee
written by Magnulus on Dec 04, 2007 17:45
Don't leave because your English is bad, dude. That's not how we roll here. Most of us here are or have been new to the English language ourselves. Now, I don't remember right now if there's anything in particular that you've done that should be so bad that you have to leave, but I can tell you right now you're not the worst person on here.

I am.

Seriously, though, I've been here for over five years, and I've seen how things go here. People will have fallings out from time to time, but leaving is what weak people do.

Leaving is what I did... twice...

If you're leaving because you want time for yourself and time away from the community, that's fine. Don't leave because you THINK that maybe we don't like you because of your English and bad language. I mean, for fuck's sake, we all curse every now and then.
written by Azuraun2 on Dec 05, 2007 04:04
"Can't find member "Vampire"

# This member may have:resigned by its own will
# been deleted by an admin
# been pruned for inactivity
Alternatively, there's something wrong in archive file called "members/bynick.php": in this case you may report that to the community manager."

Well if you come back here and read this thread there's nothing wrong with you, and I've never heard of a person who was offended by the term "vampire." Aside from the fact that maybe 30% of people here (just a rough guess, maybe more or less) don't speak English as their native language, I think you speak English pretty well.

I can't remember anything bad you said... I'm trying to think of a good term to use, it kinda sounds like you're nervous or over-sensitive to criticism, just relax, it's not like we'll rip your head off if make a mistake, we're just normal people. Well, most of us are, anyway
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written by Tacogeddon on Dec 05, 2007 08:18
Azuraun2 said:
and I've never heard of a person who was offended by the term "vampire."
And to think I became a vampire on purpose in Oblivion.
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Dec 05, 2007 10:33
I made a rapid search on the forums, but I can't find anything that could sound offensive or troublesome...

Even in the chat logs there are no suspicious topics he eventually talked about...

The only thing that came to my mind is that maybe someone may have sent him a PM about the embedded image in "future noctis idea", maybe complaining about someone (...Alex..) who would get annoyed having to wait for images to load in "his" forums...(I'm really creative in paranoic issues)

I don't know...strange that he deleted his account without waiting for anyone to pat his back and ask what was it all about.
And what about the supposed "bad english"? I feel his english is damn good....

And anyway if he really offensed someone, I bet this thread is indicative of how much he feels guilty and a clear sign that probably that was a single mistake of his.
Everyone makes mistakes, we learn from them, and the only real mistake is pretendng not doing any.

On a note:
I like vampires.

I'm reading the post after mine....was Vampire a she?
Sorry if you're lurking/reading this and I thought you were a male.
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krush kill 'n destroy
written by Geekofdeath on Dec 05, 2007 11:42
I never really had any flame wars or insults spread about her. Or offensiveness.

Shoot, I'm trying to find out how to be a vampire in the Sims.

I have no life
written by Deanfrz on Dec 07, 2007 17:46
BTW, it would be more proper to have used the English conjunction "to", as in, "Time to Leave..." or alternatively, "he" could have affixed an "ing" at the end of leave, for "Time for leaving...." though this would merely of further convinced us that "his", "his" masculinity being in question, English was imperfect. A further mistake of adding an s to that..."Time for leavings..." well, it's understandable that someone with such an imperfect grasp of the English language would want to get out before "his" embarrassing mistakes were put up to scrutiny. Again, "his" manhood being in question.

All jokes aside, (sadface)
written by Cryoburner on Dec 07, 2007 18:05
Actually, this member has already returned under a new alias. See the thread in New Members Hall. : )
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