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written by Jake on Dec 08, 2007 08:05
Several days ago I tried overclocking my computer a little and "accidently" chosen a wrong CPU: DRAM ratio, and have to reset my BIOS by pulling off that battery on my motherboard.
I also used this oppotunity to perform a half disassemble(or a level-two diagnostic for trekkers ) to clean those dust out of my computer.
When I turned on that computer,everything looked fine.
but it doesn't take too long to detect those problem : my floppy drive no longer *exists* although it's still plugged in the motherboard.
And sometimes my DSL modem dies without reason and not usable until I pulled and reconnected its USB line one time.
And file system errors become quite common. I have chkdsk some times after that and index errors have been detected on my boot partition twice in a few days. and the free space on that partition "growed" another 2.5GB without reason, I think it's possibly caused by file losses.
Have I burned out something in my computer? Or something other has happened?
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written by Cryoburner on Dec 08, 2007 08:56
If you were removing or handling cables and PCI cards, you might want to verify that they are all firmly back in place. Also, in the case of the floppy drive, make sure that its data cable is not plugged in backwards, and if it has two connectors, that the second one with the twist is used.

Also, be sure to check that your BIOS settings are back the way they originally were. It's possible that the default settings for the floppy and USB ports might be different from what works best with your system.

Something could have been damaged, but it's worth making sure that it's not just some settings that were changed, or components that came loose.
written by Jake on Dec 08, 2007 09:25
Thanks for your advice...it could be that problem with the floppy drive.
but that's an prefab OEM computer(Which I regrets to buy),with all default BIOS settings being right (except for that floppy drive,which is added by myself),I have never changed them. And those USB problems have never happened before.
And I've checked every connection and plugs before closing the casing.
I will check that floppy drive when my parents permits that...They've already get some sort of "Disassembled Computer Phobia" after that incident, If those "innards" of my computer is sighted by them again,they will surely get mad at me, and charge me with "not concentrating effort at study"
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. /../Hardware malfuction?/ 1
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