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written by Megagun on Mar 11, 2008 21:18
Trad.a said:
That said, I'm getting really sick of my phone. I've tried to throw it away a couple times now but it keeps coming back to me.
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written by Cryoburner on Mar 12, 2008 04:24
Trad.a said:
Funny that. If they did a recent survey in my part of the woods they'd find that teenagers spend an average of zero minutes a day talking on their mobiles. However, textin' is riduckulously cheap so that's how we gets our communication on.
Well, couldn't texting be considered talking? One could even say that we are talking to each other right now. : P They might have included that in the results, possibly compiled with all cell phone use in general.

Speaking of cheap, I was surprised at how inexpensive Skype's international rates are. The prices for calling many popular countries are just over two cents per minute. I haven't used Skype in the past, but I'll certainly keep them in mind for the future.
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written by Speeder on Mar 14, 2008 13:37
I am using Linked in

Found it two days ago, really intersting (at leastto me)


It is a networking site about serious business networking.
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written by Granpire viking man on Mar 17, 2008 23:05
I use Windows Live Spaces. As much as I dislike Microsoft, I am forced to use MSN(since all my friends use it), and it's just the most practical.
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