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written by Geekofdeath on Jan 01, 2008 08:49
So I got a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition calculator for Christmas, and I have been trying to get games on it, of course.

The problem here is that A) No games seem to be compatible and B) Whenever I try to install whatever it is people need installed to actually get games to work on this, one thing or another prevents it from happening.

I know someone here has experience with this, and I would like to ask for an extremely concise step-by-little-step method of getting this damn thing to work.

I've tried everything, and my acute Googling skills have thus far failed to come up with anything that actually works. School is about to start up again from winter break and I really, really want something to brag about.
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written by Megagun on Jan 01, 2008 13:50
Geekofdeath said:
one thing or another prevents it from happening.

Well, seeing as you claim to have already used your googling skills, I bet you have looked into whatever errors you seemed to get (if any)..

As far as I know, the 84 Plus should be backwards compatible to the 83... http://www.ticalc.org/pub/83plus/basic/games/

The calculator you have: http://www.ticalc.org/basics/calculators/ti-84plus-se.html
(includes links to stuff you should find interesting).

As I've had a standard 83, which used the old link cable (and I had no link cable ) I can't help you with the actual transfer part since I never gotten around to such things.

Good luck though.
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written by Geekofdeath on Jan 01, 2008 18:26
Well, the exact problem here is that the calculator won't allow Ion in because it forces me to put it in the archive instead of RAM. MirageOS allows me to send it to RAM, but then it says "Access is denied."

EDIT: Damnit it's just what I suspected. VISTA'S goddamn security "features" are most likely blocking TI Connect. I installed it on an XP computer (luckily we have several computers in this household), and it works.
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