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written by Starchaser on Jan 21, 2008 01:20
Okay so here is what happened. Its gonna make me sound like and idiot but I acidentally used fill on C (hactar related) and now I have stuffed up all my partioning and the entire C disk is HactarFS. Now my question is can I formatt my hard drive and reinstall XP then use a file recovery program tha gets back lost data to save what I can back that up and then reformatt and install linux. and another question can linux (probably either openSUSE or Ubuntu) Network with Windows because I read an article that it can, but I trust you guys more than a trust some random web page.

If you can help with any of this thankyou if not thats okay
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written by Ponder s on Jan 21, 2008 02:01
I wouldn't know about Hactar and your C drive, but linux can share (at least) files and printers with windows. Probably the best way to do that would be <a href="www.samba.org">Samba.

The Ubuntu forums would be a good place to look for more information about setting up Samba with Ubuntu.
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written by Starchaser on Jan 21, 2008 02:03
Thanks thats oe thing answered
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written by Tom on Jan 21, 2008 04:02
few things: First, you do NOT want to reinstall Windows if you want to recover data. Reformatting the hard drive will wipe out anything that's left. What you should do is boot a LiveCD like Knoppix and use that to recover the data and copy it to some external device.
Then if you want to install Linux you can do it afterwards. And Ubuntu can access files and printers on a Windows computer with no configuration necessary, but you may have to set up Samba to access anything on the Linux box from Windows.
written by Cryoburner on Jan 21, 2008 16:13
Yes, if you want to try recovering the data on the drive, don't reinstall Windows or another OS until you've done so, since you'll probably overwrite anything that's there. Using a utility, you might even be able to restore your partitions and get Windows functional again without reinstalling. Tom mentioned using a LiveCD like Knoppix, which includes tools for restoring partitions, but there are other more compact LiveCDs available, if you don't want to download a lot of software not related to fixing your system. I've used System Rescue CD before, though the GParted LiveCD also looks good, and is a relatively small download at around 50 Megs. The Testdisk utility included in them should be able to redetect lost partitions.
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written by Starchaser on Jan 22, 2008 07:01
thanks alot guys. Ill get cracking at it as soon as I find a external storage device to rescue the data.
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written by Starchaser on Mar 09, 2008 06:12
aha. I have finally gotten around to downloading system rescue. I have accessed my files on my C disk using TestDisk but I can't copy them to any external peripheral. can anyone tell me how?
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written by Starchaser on Mar 09, 2008 07:47
don't worry I have finally figured out how to mount the usb drive to the Graphical interface and I am saving the files now. I just learnt heaps more about the linux OS today. all I have to do now is save the last few files reformat the hard drive reinstall the os AND THEN i can use it again.
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written by Alex on Mar 09, 2008 10:50
Well, at this point I can only leave this hint here for future reference, but unless you format a partition, causing Hactar to effectively overwrite some contents with its VTOC, the operations performed on partitions only affect the partitions' table, which in most cases could be reconstructed.
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