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written by Azuraun2 on Mar 02, 2008 00:11
I found an awesome, free defrag program It's much faster than the windows one, has a more advanced representation of your hard drive, comes with a defrag screensaver so you can defrag when your computer is idle, has an optimization feature; It's also simple to use, simply run the program, and close when you're done. In the cmd version you can specify how you want your HD to be optimized, but I just leave it as default. There will be some HARDCORE lag when it first starts, think it's because it has to get a list of all your files, so be prepared.

Anyways, after it was finished defragging and optimizing (that part took forever), there was a definite increase in my HD read speed, the kind the windows defragger never came close to accomplishing :/

Here's the link, make sure to read some of the stuff further down the page

hello there
written by Duskesko on Mar 02, 2008 01:09
Ooooooh. Thanks!

I think my cousin (Victavious on ABB) was talking about this. He said it was cool to watch.
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