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written by Dark_light7100 on Apr 04, 2008 23:29
Hey fellow Stardrifters!

I was using my Noctis CE (Latest Version. I think its the version where you can land on unstable planets.) when I came across a boring ol' small, thin atmosphere planet. But at a closer look I never a rel area that looked like lava down at the bottom of the planet. I wanted to check it out so away I went on my pod.

The planet was pretty close to the sun so I did find lava. It was bright red and the suface temp. was very high. I decided to head north and after a couple of minuets of traveling a couple sectors the game froze. I hate to quit it and then when I went back I was in a diferent spot. back at my spaceship.

Thought I should voice this to the world as I've never seen this before.

Now I opened up the game again and I was back at the same spot and It was still frozen. So I dleted all my Noctis files and started over. I shouldn't have to do this enerytime my game crashes. I now realize this HAS happeened before as I remember deleting all my Noctis files to fix a crash.
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written by Cryoburner on Apr 05, 2008 03:10
Well, I do think NICE is more prone to crash than Noctis. There were some errors introduced when they were adding features, which have apparently proved difficult to track down. It would be good if those were eventually fixed, but focus is mostly centered on Noctis Twilight now, so I don't think NICE will see many more updates. It would be cool to have another official release though, if nothing more than to make sure everyone's using the most up to date version.

To force Noctis to return you to your stardrifter, you only have to delete the file surface.bin located in the data folder before starting it. Without the file, you'll be returned to your drifter in orbit around the planet, without losing anything else. Once you return to a planet's suface, a new surface.bin file will replace the old one.
written by Dark_light7100 on Apr 06, 2008 04:20
Thanks alot. My game never ususally crashes so I got worried...

Noctis Twilight!? Is that some sort of new release or is it the new name for Noctis V or NOVA?
written by Stargazer on Apr 06, 2008 17:05
Dark_light7100 said:
Noctis Twilight!? Is that some sort of new release or is it the new name for Noctis V or NOVA?
It is basically a community-powered, open-source sequel to Noctis. Think of it as a spin-off of sorts; an independent branch that is neither Noctis IV or V, or even in between. No major announcements are being made yet, and I think that is for the better, since for the moment there's little to actually show. After all, if we make no promises, we break no hopes.

You can find out more in the dedicated forum.
written by Kia7100 on Apr 07, 2008 01:04
Thanks for that bit of info. But acually just after I wrote my last message I stumbled across the Noctis Sequel HQ. So I found out the answer for myself but thanks anyway!

Edit: Oops i'm using another account! I really meant to log on a dark_light7100...
written by Raptorjedi on Apr 07, 2008 01:49
Then you will have to pick one account. You can't be using Dark_light7100 and Kia7100.
written by Dark_light7100 on Apr 08, 2008 00:29
Kia7100 isn't really my account its a siblings but she forgot to log off. (shes younger)

You can get rid of it though.
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