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written by Mopedslug on Apr 15, 2008 19:53
This is just a crazy idea: Now as the hardware code for the Nintendo DS is released its possible to program your own games and use (via some game card, like Games'n'Music combined with an SD-card) them on the DS. So it is possible to create NICE for the DS, I would assume.. Could be nice to have the galaxy in the bag, ready for exploration!
Itll probably just be a major job to convert =)
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written by Megagun on Apr 15, 2008 20:04
If you're willing to translate all the 16-bit Intel Assembly, go ahead....
written by Mopedslug on Apr 16, 2008 08:11
It was just a crazy idea - the time required to complete such a task would be a time I had if it were not because I do also have a life outside Noctis.
Furthermore, I do not have the prgramming skills to do it - I can make very simple programs only, and only through great effort.

Its just interesting, though, that it is possible.

Im sorry if it struck anyone as an attempt to make them actually program the game.
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written by Duskesko on Apr 16, 2008 10:06
I have thought of this as well.
If it were merely recompiling for another platform or porting source code for the DS, it would be easy.
But, from what I understand, Alex did a lot of custom assembly programming.

A complete remake would be easier and better since the author could take advantage of the DS's potential control schemes and its dual screen layout.
written by Mopedslug on Apr 16, 2008 10:28
Yea, nice to have controls on the touch-screen and game on the normal lcd =)
written by Dark_light7100 on Apr 18, 2008 00:57
I think it's a great ides as I have a DS myself but it seems a little far fetched. Think of all the work you'd have to do. I think a Noctis for the computer is enough to satisfy me.
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